Nova Six. Capable of withstanding orbital bombardment from a fleet of ships. Tough. Reliable. And sturdy. Nothing and I mean nothing is ever getting through these walls unauthorized.
—Security commander Drake Duretolk to the lead researcher of the mark 38 a day before the invasion of Nova Six by turian forces.

The Nova Six Research Facility was an Alliance base on the planet Shanxi for classified military testing that included weapons research, armor testing, and mostly illegal genetic modification testing, mainly performed on live human prisoners who had been sentenced to death. Built into a large cliff in Black Horn Bay on Shanxi, the facility was a hardened bunker capable of withstanding orbital bombardment from multiple dreadnaught class ships. The complex extended half a mile into the cliff with over sixteen million square feet of space all in all. Guarded by around 500 armed soldiers at all times, the seven hundred billion credit base, paid for with taxpayer funding was truly a marvel in security complexes by the people who were allowed to know of the classified facility's location. Built between 2153 and 2155 CE the facility was completed with record timing and in it's two years of operation helped test over seventy three classified projects that would become vital for future warfare. However its fortunes changed when turian forces took over the base during the First Contact War. An Alliance Operation was launched to infiltrate the base and recover experimental Alliance technology which would be evacuated by the cruiser SSV Tehran. The operation was a success, with the protoype recovered and the base, and all critical intel destroyed. The massive explosion inside the base was trapped within the walls and killed all life and destroyed all data still inside.

It would later be rebuilt as a base for the elusive Office of Alliance Territorial Hegemony, where its secret research and secure data storage began again.

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