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Nshan was a male manaban warrior and assassin. Zealously devoted to the manaban religion known as the Five Wills, Nshan fought in the name of his people's religion, first on the manaban homeworld of Ragnora during the rachni conquest of Ragnora during the early stages of the Rachni Wars, and then on the planet of Omicron, participating in the opening Citadel Council task force's counterattack against the rachni positions and fortresses on the world. Following the destruction of the manaban temples, and the most holy Manaban religious center, the Tomb of the Virtuous, Nshan was ordered by the manaban Emperor Derimakshan to stalk the Salarian Special Tasks Group operative known as Narra Locith, due to Locith's admiration of the salarian politician known as Tyrin Lieph, who gave the order to destroy the manaban holy places.

Following Narra Locith across the Milky Way Galaxy, Nshan eventually stalked Narra Locith, or whom he thought to be Narra Locith since Narra Locith had discovered Nshan following him and had sent a look alike messenger in his stead, to a heavily guarded warehouse in the slums of the Terminus Systems space station known as Omega. As the messenger arrived at the warehouse, believing that he had found the secret laboratory of Tyrin Leiph, Nshan broke the messenger's neck, and along with his squad, assaulted the warehouse, fighting and massacring the Special Tasks Group soldiers within.

Unknown to Nshan and his squad, Tyrin Lieph had been warned by Narra Locith of the impending attack, and had fled to another location after secretly rigging the warehouse with explosives and leading a look alike imposter in his stead. Eventually, Nshan and his squad captured the Lieph imposter. While preparing to execute whom Nshan thought was Tyrin Lieph, the real Tyrin Lieph detonated several tons of explosives within the warehouse, killing Nshan and his squad, and making it look like he himself had died in the explosion so as to prevent more assassination attempts on his life.


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