Oculus 4-10 Marksmans's Rifle
The Oculus 4-10 Marksman's Rifle was a sniper rifle designed by Romano & Bianchi Weapons Systems. Made in 2168 CE the Oculus was a long range sniper rifle with a maximum range of one and a half miles and a seven round .65 caliber bullet magazine. Partially based on the 21st century M4A1 carbine the Oculus was similar in design but longer and more effective. It was first bought by the Alliance for use by special forces soldiers and first saw combat in the hands of the 92nd Shock Troopers on Talook. The weapon rights were exclusively obtained by the Alliance five years later where it became the sniper of choice for police and special forces all throughout Alliance space until the contract ended in 2187 CE and production stopped.


  • Alliance Rangers
  • 92nd Shock Trooper Regiment
  • Systems Alliance Special Forces troopers
  • Various police departments

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