My job isn't to decide people's deaths. Who gets to live and who gets to die. My job is not to be a judge. I bring death to the innocent and guilty. But who my targets are and if they should die is not my business. My job is to be the trigger man. Give me a gun and tell me where to shoot. That's what i'm here for. Morality and ethics right from wrong. That's for my employers to decide.
—Olta Varr describing his job as an assassin.
Olta Varr
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2170 CE

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2185 CE

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Sergeant Olta Varr was a rare biotic salarian STG operative and Eclipse assassin who was responsible for several murders on Illium before his death by an asari spectre.


Born on Omega in 2170 CE, he grew up the son of two mercenaries and from an early age learned how to shoot almost any type of weapon from his parents as well as learning military combat, tactics, and recieving training in hand to hand, CQC, and shooting from his father. When he was seven he was discovered to have biotic potential when he imitated the movements of an asari mercenary friend of his mother's. Realizing his potential, the asari trained him in biotics secretly for three years until he was a potent biotic killer.

Now ten Varr had multiple talents that got him the attention of the Eclipse mercenary band. They attempted to hire him, but he decided to join the salarian Special Tasks Group instead. He worked there for three years, serving under Captain Kirahee on the planet Virmire during the Saren crisis.

After Virmire, he left STG to go to Illium, where he finally accepted the Eclipse's offer. He started working as a subtle assassin and killer for two years. His most notable job was his involvement in the shooting of the Ten Crowns Bar, which killed waitress Emily Dulios, the daughter of Blue Suns commander Jacob Dulios. The shooting sparked a reprisal by Dulios, who launched a surprise attack on the Eclipse in response for the murder.

Varr was then assigned to kill Dulios. He broke into Dulios' apartment and disarmed him, then forced Dulios to write a suicide note expressing grief over his daughter's death.

He then offered to let Dulios go if he could beat him in a game of Russian Roulette. Jacob agreed, but was tricked; Unbekownst to him, Varr used biotics to ensure that the single bullet in the revolver was lined up with the barrel when it was Dulios' turn to shoot. Thus, Dulios shot himself, and everyone assumed it had been a suicide.

Two days later, Varr was killed by an asari Spectre.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Varr took a large inspiration from Thane Krios, the drell companion and assassin of Mass Effect 2. Both were trained from an early age to be killers, both are biotics, and Varr's personality as well as his page quote was based from Thane Krios' fight for the lost trailer.

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