Omega was an asteroid close to the planet Shelba, it was a huge mining station built from the remains of a massive, irregularly shaped asteroid with. It was populated with homes, shops and warehouses. The territories were controlled by the strongest faction in that area, which frequently changed. The longest ruler on Omega was an asari named Aria. In of 2184 CE, the Omega Station had a population of 1,320,933 people, composed of various different species. The station's major export was element zero, the heavy-metal-rich core of the original asteroid was mined until the asteroid was almost completely hollow, which provided the initial resources used to construct Omega's buildings and facilities. While humans referred to it as Omega, the asari name for it translated to 'the heart of evil', the salarian name was 'the place of secrets', the turian name was 'the world without law', and the krogan name for it was the 'land of opportunity'.

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