Trail Blazer

Soldiers in 2nd platoon holding off turian forces.

Alright boys you all know how this is done. We have two hours. We go in there and find this fucking Iron Man suit or whatever the shit it's called. Then we get out. No delays. No distractions. We do this the quick and easy way. Not the long and hard way. And if anyone says that's what she said I will cut off your balls and feed them to my goldfish. Personally. Am I understood?
—Teresa Hits to the soldiers in her dropship before landing at Nova-Six

Operation Trail Blazer was an Alliance operation that took place on Shanxi during the First Contact War with the goal of recovering the prototype Mark 38 Explosive Ordance Disposal Powered Ballistics Armor from the Alliance controlled, Nova Six Research Facility that was built into a cliffside in the northern hemisphere of Shanxi where temperatures measured up to negative eighty four degrees. Three platoons of special operations soldiers led by Major Teresa Hits infiltrated the base through a landing pad located on the exterior of the facility with cover from the cruiser, SSV Tehran. Once inside the large and secret complex the platoons broke up into fireteams to find the armor and spread turian forces throughout the base to find make it easier to find and extract the armor.

After twenty minutes the suit was found by Hits' team and extracted in ten more. But not without taking heavy causulties and recieving new orders to demolish the testing facility. The armor was taken to the Tehran by a gunship with half of Hits' team while the other half went to regroup with the rest of their platoon and went to back up half of 2nd platoon with the other half dead and all of 3rd platoon dead as well.

Hits pushed her men into the heart of the complex and managed to help some of the trapped men as an operator from the EODC worked to rig a large generator with a small nuclear device that would destroy the base. The soldiers held their ground for ten minutes until the device was armed and ready to blow. Hits ordered that all men evacuate as she decided to stay behind to ensure the generator would blow up and take the base with it.

Though not without a fight her men agreed and escaped while Hits held her ground killing eighteen turians and taking seven shots before the generator went off, destroying Nova Six and killing her.

Despite the large death toll the operation was deemed a success as the Mark-38 was safe and sensitive data was destroyed before the turians could steal it. After her death Hits recieved a Silver Star and a small Plaque was dedicated to her and her men in the ruins of Nova Six which would be rebuilt as a command center for the Office of Alliance Territorial Hegemony.

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