The Purple Spawn are a gang that deals in red sand and hit jobs. They were founded by a turian, J'enger Ghuin, whose father, Torad Ghuin, was a general in the military. When J'engar was only 14, his father got in deep with the Blue Suns. A Blue Suns operative was captured by Torad and questioned, and they got a lot of answers. When the Blue Suns found out what had happened they had Torad killed. J'engar made a vow to kill his father's murderer, and to do that he had to make a gang. When he was 20 years old, he founded the Purple Spawn, and soon after, he relocated to the Crucirus system. He soon found out that the sun Crucirus had an effect on all sorts of metal that heightened kinetic shields and made bullets more powerful. He is still the leader today.

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