Romano & Bianchi Weapon Systems was a weapon design company that was one of the Alliance's largest suppliers of military grade weaponry, producing around sixty-four percent of the Alliance's arsenal. Founded by two Mafia Dons of the Romano and Bianchi crime families in 2100 CE using a shared eighty four million credits. Romano & Bianchi first went into bussiness on July 9th 2100 opening their company headquarters in the American city of Detroit.

Hiring famed and successful weapon designers and engineers, Romano & Bianchi first started supplying the American government in 2102 CE with it's Falcon Assault Rifle line of weapons. These weapons proved to be effective and gave Romano & Bianchi an effective foothold in the American weapon contracting bussiness, something that would later prove useful when the company would run for a bid for an almost monopoly of the Alliance weapon supply industry.

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