Rufus Floyd
Rufus Floyd
Biographical information


Date of death

2184 CE

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Chronological and political information

Alliance Navy


Sergeant Rufus 'Jackal One-Nine' Floyd was an Alliance marine and biotic test subject for the Luna Five Project. He served the Alliance for three years before dying in the Luna Five Project due to element zero exposure. His first posting was as a boarding party team leader on the Alliance heavy cruiser, the SSV Tortuga. His first combat was in the Skyllian Blitz, where he led his "Red Team" comprised of only him and four other soldiers, Franklin Belock, Georgie Williams, Bob McGee, and Jim 'Big Joe' Green. The Red Team was sent to hijack a batarian slaver ship, the Octus Mo. He led the assault on the ship with his entire team, killing a combined sixty-four batarians and suffering only one death, Corporal Belock. The action got him the bronze star for courage and he became a candidate for Luna Five. When offered to join the program two years later he accepted and went through testing well until he was exposed to element zero of which emitted too much power for his body to handle. He died due to the exposure and was buried on his home world of Elysium a year later. His official cause of death was listed as alcohol poisoning, as he'd been an alcoholic throughout his life, and thus it was seen as more convenient than admitting that he'd been subjected to dangerous experiments.

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