The SSV Belgrade was a Systems Alliance starship. Besides a few notable changes made during repairs in 2186 CE, she was a relatively unremarkable frigate.

Internal LayoutEdit

Like most other frigates in her class, the Belgrade was split up into three decks. Unlike other frigates in her class, she had an elevator that went to all three decks, as her initial Commanding Officer, Franklin Gladstone, had an old war injury that made it difficult for him to go up and down stairs.

Command DeckEdit

Originally, the command deck retained the standard Combat Information Center (CIC) configuration, whereby the commander was placed in the center of the room. In 2186, the Belgrade was damaged in battle with the SSV Uzice, and during the course of the repairs, the CIC was updated to a configuration similar to that found on the SSV Normandy, whereby the commander now looked over their subordinates.


The second deck consisted primarily of the living quarters and the medical bay.

Engineering and StorageEdit

The bottom deck contained the garage and the engine room.


Former crewEdit

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