The SSV London was a London-class Cruiser which took part in the Skyllian Blitz of 2176 CE and was named after London. The London had two Captains, Captain Short (pre-2184) and Captain Inglewood (post-2184)


The London was completed in 2167 CE and was assigned to Captain Short of the First Fleet, the London took part in routine patrol and training sorties. In 2176 CE, the First Fleet and London were on patrol near the planet Elysium when Fleet Admiral Urquhart of the SSV Pinotubo received a message that Elysium was under attack by Batarians.

The First Fleet made for Elysium double-time and fought the Batarians. Upon victory over the Batarians the First Fleet remained at Elysium rather than returning to base in case the Batarians came back. However the Batarians never did and the First Fleet was quickly given new orders. In 2177 CE, the First Fleet attacked the Batarian colony of Lorek, causing massive damage to Batarian settlements and many deaths however it severely wounded the Batarian military as the planet was used as a staging area for the Batarian Marines.

Reactions to the attack were mixed, the Alliance firmly defended the attack, saying that the planet was being used by the Marines however the Batarians claimed cities and civilian were targeted on purpose as revenge for the Skyllian Blitz. In response the Batarians tried to hit Elysium again but failed miserably.

The ship also took part in the Rescue at Akuze in which very few of the 50 Marines were saved. Later in 2178 the ship took part in the Raid on Torfan, bombarding the Batarians so the Marines could land on the moon.

The ship returned to a patrol state for 5 years until 2183 CE when it sailed with the First Fleet from Arcturus Station to Eden Prime when Urquhart received word that Eden Prime was under attack. By the time the First Fleet arrived the Geth had been stopped, the bombs were defused and the Normandy was on its way to the Citadel. The Fleet patrolled the space around Eden Prime for several hours until it was clear that the threat had passed, the First Fleet handed over patrol duties to the 101st Destroyer Flotilla and returned to Arcturus Station.

The First Fleet remained at Arcturus until Sovereign and the Geth attack the Citadel, in which most of the Alliance Navy headed for the Citadel to combat the Geth invasion fleet. The London remained outside of the Citadel combating the Geth whilst the Normandy led a Flotilla of ships inside the closing arms to combat Sovereign.

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