SSV Midway
Production information

Cord-Hislop Aerospace



Technical specifications
Present for battles/events

Raid on Mindoir


Systems Alliance


Third Fleet


Systems Alliance Navy

Known owner(s)

Systems Alliance

Known crewmembers
Known commander(s)

Nick Salvatore

The SSV Midway was a frigate of the Systems Alliance, under the command of Captain Nick Salvatore. In his early career in the Systems Alliance military, Johun Shepard, a future member of the Spectres, served aboard the Midway, and was a member of the the Midway's First Squad under the command of Gunnery Chief Daniel Arbor. She was one of many human vessels patrolling the Attican Traverse, protecting human colonies and research outposts there. Like all human frigates, she was named after an important battle in human history, in this case the Battle of Midway, a pivotal battle that determined the outcome of World War II in the Pacific.

By chance, the Midway was closest to the agriculture-based colony of Mindoir at the time of an attack by an armada of batarian slavers and pirates, so the Midway responded to the distress calls emanating from the colony's capital city. The crew of the SSV Midway led the successful counterattack on Mindoir, and expelled the batarians from the colony, in the process finding and rescuing a young Johun Shepard from a group of batarian slavers that were attacking him. The Midway also participated in numerous campaigns against batarian slavers in the Attican Traverse, launching reconnaissance missions on numerous planets to search for them, including the remote, desert world of Edolus.

Known CremembersEdit

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