The SSV Vicksburg was an Alliance frigate designed for evacuation of high level personel. Lighter than the average frigate and sporting minimal armor the Vicksburg named for the Siege of Vicksburg during the American Civil War had little weaponry. However it made up for these flaws with powerful shielding and speed as well the Vicksburg normally had a cruiser or fighter escort, the fighters which were stored in the Vicksburg's garage. Made on Mars sometime between 2165 CE and 2167 CE, the ship sported many luxuries to accomadate any high level personal. Designed to evacuate ambassadors, politicans, and leaders. The Vicksburg had a platoon of fifty highly trained N7 Commandos on board at all times to protect from boarding. Commanded by Captain Darren Walker, a former N7 himself the vessel first saw service during the Skyllian Blitz, where it evacuated governer of Elysium, Fred Mallots. It later helped evacuate Ambassador Donnel Udina and other important officials during the attack on the Citadel. The ship continued service until 2186 CE when it was destroyed by a batarian trap involving an asteroid rigged with a stolen thirteen ton warhead.

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