The SSV Ypres was a Systems Alliance frigate in operation from 2176 CE through 2186 CE.


Originally commissioned in 2168 CE, construction of the Ypres was delayed for several years when a costly lawsuit drove Yangtzee Shipbuilding, which originally held the contract for the ship's contruction, into bankruptcy, thus forcing the Alliance Navy to find a new contractor. By the time construction was completed, several of the ship's internal components were outdated, and thus the Ypres was relegated primarily to exploration and search-and-rescue operations.

In 2179 CE, the Ypres was attacked by pirates who attempted to take control of the ship. Captain Paul Crouse managed to lead his crew to successfully retake control, but he, Commander Jared Coulter, and Lieutenants Richard Jackson and Archie Dodds all lost their lives in the process, and so they were replaced by Tawfik Omar, Timothea Young, James Skinner and Jackie Mifune in 2180. Only a month later, Young discovered that she was pregnant, and was granted a transfer to the SSV Dyrrhacia, where her husband was serving as the Mess Sergeant. Emmanuelle Sharon succeeded her.


  • Capt. Tawfiq Omar, Commanding Officer (2179-2186; killed in 2186)
  • Cmdr. Raymond Ellsworth, Executive Officer (2181-2186; killed in 2186)
  • Lt. Shin Ha, Gunnery Chief (2183-2186; killed in 2186)
  • Lt. Gavril Columbosian, Chief Science Officer (2181-2186; killed in 2186)
  • Dr. Camille Lang, Chief Medical Officer (2176-2186; killed in 2186)

Former CrewEdit

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