The Sazord are a sapient insect-like species that were once native to the planet, Reapio, the ermerk homeworld. The ermerk surprisingly treaed them as equals until the sudden cival war between the ermerk militaries. Althogh a large amount of them escaped, the vast majority were destroyed with the planet and trillions of ermerk.

Most of the sazord species retreated to the planets Gusk, Rajia, and Vermionia. Although some members of the species went as far as Tuchanka at the end of the galaxy, these worlds are considered their new home, with multiple stations orbiting each planet for easy transport between another.


The sazord biolgy is not even remotely similar to any native species from Reapio. Most organics on Reapio were similar to earth's mammals or reptiles, and of low intelligence. The sazord are however, nearly identical to some pf earth's beetles and mantis, excluding the two extra body parts.



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