Agron SimnicaEdit

Science Officer aboard the SSV Belgrade. Has filed several requests to be transferred to the SSV Durres or SSV Pristina, among other ships, claiming that it is "insulting" to force a Kosovar to serve aboard a ship named after Serbia's capital; all requests have been rejected as frivolous in nature.

Personal Correspondence 1Edit

[Note: the following correspondence was recovered from the recycling bin on Admiral Enver Bardha's personal terminal. It has been translated from Kosovar Albanian.]

To: Admiral Bardha

From: Dr. Simnica

Subject: Request for transfer

My esteemed Admiral,

I am aware that you are not able to directly affect my fate, but unlike Admiral Nakalamic, you are a countryman, and thus I am hoping that my pleas will not fall upon deaf ears. One of Nakalamic's subordinates, Rear-Admiral Stanic, saw fit to assign me to the SSV Belgrade, almost certainly out of spite. It is cruel and insulting - my dear grandfather died in Belgrade during the terrible war all those years ago. The name is hateful to my ears, and I wish to be re-assigned to a ship whose name does not have such a horrible connotation. Please, could you prevail upon the Admiral to see reason and stop this madness?


Dr. Agron Simnica


To: Dr. Simnica

From: Admiral Bardha

Dear Dr. Simnica,

I can sympathize with your predicament, but after conferring with both Admiral Nakalamic and Rear-Admiral Stanic, I have found no reason to ask them to re-assign you. Your assignment to the Belgrade was not, they assure me, born out of spite, but out of necessity - the Belgrade happened to require a Chief Science Officer, and the only other qualified candidate at the time, Dr. Ypsilante, was already slated to join the crew aboard the SSV Pristina. As you are no doubt aware, Balkan Federal Navy regulations require that such assignments be made without respect to the candidate's nationality. Furthermore, at this time, all ships named for Albanian or Kosovar cities already have CSO's aboard them, and none of those officers have requested a transfer. I am truly sorry, but since your original assignment was legitimate, there is no good reason to re-assign you at this time. I will, however, keep you apprised of any openings.


Admiral Enver Bardha


To: Admiral Bardha

From Dr. Simnica

They gave the CSO position for the Pristina to a Greek?! Do you not see that those Orthodox bastards are all in league with each other?!

Fine, fine. Perhaps there is an opening on one of the ships named after a Croatian city? I can live with the Croats...

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