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Akihiro MifuneEdit

Former engineer in Systems Alliance Navy, assigned to the SSV Ypres. Decent but unremarkable service record. Was left paralyzed in the wake of the "Oiwa Incident" in 2180 CE. Denied disability benefits in 2182 after routine audits determined that he'd been using benefits to pay for controversial medical procedures. Killed by Cmdr. Emmanuelle Sharon during failed attempt to assassinate Admiral Aonuma in 2183.

Personal correspondence 1Edit

[The following was a letter from Dr. William Larter sent in 2180 CE. It was culled from Mifune's hard drive after his death.]

Dear Lt. Mifune:

Having reviewed the x-rays of your injuries, it is my unfortunate duty to inform you that, contrary to Dr. LeHaye's predictions, it is highly unlikely that you will recover the use of your legs. LeHaye's earlier prognosis had assumed that you had been shot with phasic rounds, which are standard for most security droids aboard non-military space stations, and which might have left your spine somewhat intact, but a review of the security protocols at Nakamuraza Station has revealed that the management there had cut corners and armed its security droids with standard ammunition. Your spinal cord was thus severed completely just a few inches above your navel.

We realize, of course, that adjusting to your new circumstances will be difficult and probably painful. However, the Alliance Navy will furnish you with disability benefits, and with the right therapeutic regime, you may still live a full life. My office will contact you shortly to explain all your options to you and answer any questions you might have.


Dr. William Larter

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