Charlotte BeauclaireEdit

Captain in the Systems Alliance Navy, and CO of the SSV Hegra. Currently under investigation on charges of sexual harassment brought by former GC Paulette Gerald; has maintained innocence, claiming that Gerald is unstable.

Audio transcript 1Edit

[The following is an excerpt from a deposition in the investigation into GC Gerald's complaints. The interviewer was conducted by Rear Admiral Maurice Roy.]

Roy: If we might, Captain, I would like to discuss your past relationships with women.

Beauclaire: Oh mon dieu...

Roy: You are not required to answer any questions, but it would help your defense.

Beauclaire: Of course it would. Let's just get this over with.

Roy: We've already established that you had a relationship with Cmdr. Emmanuelle Sharon in 2181, when she was still a lieutenant. At that time, you were still married to Admiral Parkman. Were you aware that your husband had hired a private investigator who had installed a hidden camera in your quarters?

Beauclaire: You mean, did I consent to have him film me? Non! Absolument pas!

Roy: Would you care to comment on the relationship itself?

Beauclaire: [sigh] You have the video footage. Were you hoping for play-by-play commentary?

Roy: Well, surely you were aware that, as a superior officer, your advances towards her represented a serious ethical violation?

Beauclaire: Are you trying to make the case that I raped her? Trying to establish some supposed pattern of conduct to make Gerald's accusations more plausible? I did not force her to do anything. I even made a point of telling her that she had the right to refuse me.

Roy: She has already testified that the affair was entirely consensual, even the... less seemly parts.

Beauclaire: That poor girl.

Roy: You dumped her, as I recall.

Beauclaire: I dumped her because she wanted something more than I could give her...

Roy: You considered the relationship to be purely physical?

Beauclaire: Non! That is not what I meant!

Roy: Then what did you mean?

Beauclaire: She wanted me to leave my husband. At the time, I did not believe I could do that, and certainly not while I was involved with her.

Roy: What do you mean?

Beauclaire: I was married to an admiral.

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