Emmanuelle SharonEdit

Commanding Officer of the SSV Belgrade. Orphaned at age 16 when batarian raiders attacked home colony on Mindoir. Joined Systems Alliance Navy at age 18. Nearly spotless service record, save for charges filed RE: unauthorized actions on Zak'kon, all of which were later dropped. Currently in long-term relationship with Siani T'Nair; Alliance investigations have found no evidence that relationship has compromised judgment.

Personal Correspondence 1Edit

[The following are back-ups of messages posted on "Bonds Beyond Time", a website that allows non-asari individuals to leave posthumous messages for asari mates or children.]

[date redacted], 2186 CE


If you are reading this, then our plan to die together has failed. I hope that I have died protecting you, or making the galaxy better for you and (God willing) our daughters. If not, then I am truly sorry.

If possible, I have one last request. In case I haven't already told you, my father's parents were from Israel, on Earth. They had a small farm. For the life of me, I can't remember what its name was, but I do remember that the name translated to "Blue Rose" - it was called that because it was near an oasis that was sort of shaped like a rose. Of course, when my grandparents grew too old to take care of themselves, my father brought them to Mindoir, but my grandfather owned the land, and when he and all the rest of my family died, the land became mine. I haven't been there in years, but I've made arrangements for its upkeep. If we both survived long enough to retire, I thought we could settle down there and raise a family.

If I have died, then please, take my ashes and scatter them in the oasis. That farm is all that's left of my family. It's where our line began, and I want it to be where the line ends. Afterwards, the land is yours to do whatever you wish.

Yours always,


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