Kymir Jhoeli1
A turian mass-murderer who terrorized the galaxy as the "Citadel Stalker." Has approximately 58 known victims, on last count. Was killed in 2177 by a man who had served on a drug-running ship that he sabotaged, but survived. Collaborated with the Shadow Broker, allowing him to gather knowledge on the secretive ONAS and Spectre groups, which led to the deaths of ONAS operative Markus DuFrenze and the Spectre Kryses Idkium.

Audio Transcript OneEdit

"I've hunted you to the ends of the goddamn galaxy, Jhoeli....and before I erase you from the universe's memory for good, I want to ask one you have any fucking regret for your crimes?"

"Absolutely not...and, before I let you kill me, because I've grown tired of my pursuit of contentedness, I want to let you know one solitary thing. The universe is not going to forget me anytime soon. I will linger within and haunt the minds of the populace for generations to come. And do you know why? Because I made an impact, because I achieved something in my life. Not everyone in the universe can say that. In fact, many cannot. But I can. I am as close to feeling something as I'll ever be. I am content...I have nothing to live for. And in all honesty, you deserve your redemption. You are my first victim to survive. That was my mistake, and it is the one action I regret. But I'd much rather die in my youth than rot in some prison cell when I am eventually arrested. Go ahead, take my life."

[A single gunshot goes off. Then another.]

Audio Transcript TwoEdit

(ONAS operative Mark DuFrenze is meeting a Shadow Broker agent. ONAS has offered a handsome sum to the Broker for the whereabouts of Kymir)

"It is my duty to the Alliance and to the galaxy to kill this Turian, Kymir Jhoeli. I know that he's the Citadel Stalker, and I know that he's a business partner of your boss. Give me the information I want right now, or I'll break your neck right now."

"Threats are no way to convince my employer to sell out one of his top colleagues. However, he is willing to give you the information, since ONAS has offered an impressive amount of credits for the information, and agreed to not disclose the information we have on him to anyone else. Even if you don't kill him, Kymir won't hold anything against the boss for selling him out. I've studied him, for the sake of the Broker's dossier on him. He's a pragmatist until the end. He'd completely relate to what the Broker did. Jhoeli is currently living in a safehouse on the Hanar homeworld, Kahje. He's taking a break after his latest kill, a Hanar cult leader."

"I appreciate your cooperation, sir."

Notable Kills ListEdit

Jard Kahlius

Emilia Drohe


Jason Trish

Mike Yamada

Mark DuFrenze

Lukas Maxi

Anrey Fyth

Kryses Idkium

Kranos Farral


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