Siani T'NairEdit

Founder of Nairida Corporation (AKA NairidaCorp.) Daughter of Matriarch Eumenia and Tria Sunori (both deceased). Owns stock in Dantius Pharmaceuticals, Dantius Communications (in which she is a board member), and Livis Armanents, as well as a few other smaller companies. Known to be in long-term relationship with Cmdr. Emmanuelle Sharon; applied to begin 10-year naturalization process to gain citizenship in the Systems Alliance under the so-called "Citadel Brides" act.

Known assetsEdit

  • 471 shares in Livis Armanents (Estimated value: 17.4 million credits)
  • 288 shares in Dantius Pharmaceuticals (Estimated value: 21.3 million credits)
  • 114 shares in Hahne-Kedar (Estimated value: 5.1 million credits)
  • 200 shares in Sunorico (Estimated value: 0.5 million credits)
  • Penthouse suite in Elerian Towers, in Nos Astra, Illium (Estimated value unavailable; currently under repair following assassination attempt)
  • Cottage on Thessia (Estimated value: 3.4 million credits)
  • Apartment on the Citadel (Estimated value: 1.2 million credits)

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