Travis DunnEdit

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Sniper in the Alliance Marine Corps, 467th Marine Recon. Born to a captive on a pirate vessel, no formal education or records of existence. Leader of a six-man team callsigned 'Wolf Team'. Extensive combat experience, with multiple commendations.

Service ReportEdit

[The following is an excerpt from a service report written by Lt. Zabreka detailing Dunn's career and other matters. The following was written as a recommendation for Operation: ENDLESS WINTER, which Dunn participated in during the Vivactan Campaigns. This excerpt was recovered from Zabreka's computer shortly after his untimely death by electrocution.]

I first met Dunn on the Missouri meeting my brother who had stepped on a landmine. This guy's tough as nails, even with both legs broken he hardly showed any pain and proceeded to walk around the room. I had him transferred to my platoon on the Little Bighorn and my judgement was proven true. This guy is quiet as hell and is a natural lone wolf.

Excellent shot with a rifle from a thousand yards away, not very talkative and with an iron resolve on any mission. He'd be willing to sacrifice a thousand to complete any objective and he'd be giving them updates as they marched into the gates of hell.

Worth noting mainly is his uncanny nature of surviving. Four times I have been sure he's dead as hell. I've seen a grenade, a rocket, a minigun, and a crashed Mantis gunship hit his sniping position and he comes back every time. This guy survived a Valkyrie crash before I met him. It's like Hell won't take him so they give him immortality.

Dunn could no doubt take down Debec's artic rangers solo and is a prime candidate for ENDLESS WINTER, with some good men he could command the operation himself. There will be deaths but the job gets done no matter what, making Dunn an excellent shot for sabotaging the nukes. Dunn is almost the perfect marine and there is no better man for such a sensitive operation.

Note: Never play Blackjack with Dunn if you plan to have the money needed to retire from this job.

Excerpt ends.

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