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Shedev'Higa vas Tetro was a quarian assassin and close friend of Tyrin Lieph. Shedev and Tyrin met while Tyrin lived on an asari colony when he was in his thirties. Shedev was living on the street and Tyrin took him in, gave him some training, and gave Shedev support as he looked for work. Shedev wound up serving alongside Tyrin on a security force for an asari family. After Tyrin left the colony, Shedev returned to Rannoch and began to look for work as an assassin for hire.

After Tyrin announced the formation of the Soldiers of Salvation, Shedev instantly enlisted, eager to serve the man who had helped him when he was younger. Shedev was the chief assassin for the Soldiers for many years, until he was succeeded by Narra Locith.

Early lifeEdit

Shedev'Higa was born on the quarian homeworld of Rannoch, but strived to be able to leave as soon as possible. Shedev was not fond of his people or their culture, and dreamt of living on the Citadel. However, soon after he stowed away on a ship, he was discovered and dumped on an asari colony. Unable to find work due to his lack of training of any sort aside from rudimentary education, Shedev lived as a bum until Tyrin took him in and gave him combat training.

Life on RannochEdit

After arriving back on Rannoch, Shedev decided not to contact his family, acknowledging that they would not embrace him after abandoning them so abruptly. Shedev's first job as a freelance assassin was to kill a business mogul who was giving immense bribes to local politicians so his company would be allowed to test their products (they produced chemical weapons) on local fauna. After taking out his bodyguards, Shedev decided that true justice was in order for the corrupt bastard, and he locked the man inside one of the company's labs, and released an acid. The mogul was severely mutilated from the acid and barely recognizable due to the damage.

Shedev received major publicity in the crime underworld after his little "stunt." His next job was to kill an asari who had illegally seized land from its quarian owners.

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