Shira T'Oni was an asari Spectre born in 2033 CE. She was a very motivated and smart person. Shira was also a good shot and quick on her feet, something that would definatly help her on later missions. She began as an Operative in the Asari Expeditionary Forces (ExpFor), and quickly rose through ranks by being courageous and sacrificial. She is known for her use of the X-8c Assault Rifle and M-3 Predator Heavy Pistol. Shira was chosen as a candidate for the Spectres and was validated for it on a mission were her and all her squad's lives were jeopordized because of false STG intel. However, Shira kept the team together and succesfully completed the mission while rescuing multiple hostages. Shira is considered one of the best asari Spectres on the job.]

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