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Sylvia Christian is the former right-hand assistant for the late Matriarch Eumenia. Following the Matriarch's death in 2181 CE, Christian attempted to build her own little empire, but instead attracted the attention of her former boss' enemies, and was forced into hiding. Her current whereabouts are unknown.



Born on the human colony world of Shanxi, Sylvia was orphaned after her parents were killed in the First Contact War. She spent several years in an orphanage, but ran away when she was sixteen, and ended up on the streets, where a man picked her up on the pretense of offering her a job. The job turned out to be prostitution, and she discovered that she was not allowed to quit.

She was taken to Illium, where slavery is technically legal, and was offered up to wealthy clients. Though some of the clients treated her decently, most were cruel and abusive. Luckily for her, her pimp was not a particularly bright man; after a night of drinking, he killed the asari who at that time was the right hand of the Matriarch Eumenia, one of the more powerful women in Nos Astra. The enraged Matriarch put out a contract on him, and when he died, she manipulated events so that all of his assets, including Sylvia, became hers.

Most of the girls who'd been forced into prostitution were set free, but the Matriarch found Sylvia charming, and offered her a real job as her new assistant. She also ended up, of her own volition, becoming the Matriarch's lover.

Several more years passed, and Sylvia was happy. But things started to change early in 2181 CE, when the Matriarch received a strange package. In it was a disk containing what appeared to be an elaborate chart of angelic beings. The chart turned out to be a replica of the one inside the Pantaphon, a powerful communication device that once belonged to the Matriarch's mother before the annexation of Zak'kon centuries earlier.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Sylvia Christian is named for (and modelled after) legendary Dutch actress Sylvia Krystal.

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