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2184 CE

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Eden Prime War

The Syndicate was an organization created exclusively to oppose the Citadel Council. Privately funded, the Syndicate had nearly limitless resources. The Syndicate, which was often compared to "extremist" groups such as Cerberus, was often seen as nothing more than well-dressed thugs, though not being necessarily classified as a "gang" such as the Blue Suns, Blood Pack, or Eclipse. The Syndicate mostly consisted of dropouts or deserters from some sorts of military or personal security organizations, though it was known to employ the services of mercenaries when the need arose.[1]

The Syndicate was all about profit. If anything got in the way of its profit then it they decided that it must be removed. The Citadel represented this and, therefore, the Syndicate believed that it must be destroyed. However, later in its existence, the Syndicate changed its views due to the fact the Citadel was too valuable to be destroyed. Instead, the Syndicate wanted the Citadel Council to die so that it could be replaced with Human Syndicate officers that could be put in control of the massive space station.[1]


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