Task Force November was an elite group of specialists in the Systems Alliance N7 Program. It consisted of 30 members who were put into 10 three man Fireteams. It was not widely known but they were easily recognizable. They operated mostly with other groups of special forces or in infiltration teams. The operatives were only selected after three or more specialized missions had been completed. Task Force November also received some of the most highly advanced equipment and experimental gear, such as the CHAMELEON Tactical Cloak. They also had an HQ aboard the SSV Tesla, a Normandy-class frigate, which was given to the Task Force after they were founded.

Member Edit

  • Anton Krauss "Mojave
  • Andrew Emerson "Demon"
  • Adam Thompson "Oracle"
  • Benjamin Welington "Maori"
  • Brandy Onakos "Neptune"
  • Cameron Kensington "Bruin"
  • Clark Steinbeck "Venator"
  • Dante Adams "Ranger"
  • Ethan Isaac "Surge"
  • Emma Renard "Fox"
  • Holly Dietrich "Surgeon"
  • Ian Leera "Winter"
  • Jack McTavish "Soap"
  • Jeremy Jackson "Argonaut"
  • Liam Danforth "Majic" (Reminiscent of SitRep, which was being founded directly after the attack on the Citadel)
  • Lauryn Carson "Locust"
  • Mark Walden "Hunter
  • Martin Caine "Ice"
  • Nathaniel Eiriksen "Viking"
  • Nicholas Grey "Precurse"
  • Phillip Clyde "Psycho"
  • Pierce Cole "Demigod"
  • Renee Minuit "Midnight"
  • Raymond Ether "Cyanide"
  • Sarah O'Meara "Principle"
  • Samuel Diego "Aztec"
  • Seth Anderson "Spooky"
  • Timothy Johnson "Preacher"
  • Thomas Green "Sandman"
  • William Newman "Rookie"

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