Telia Millangada
Telia Millangada
Biographical information
Date of birth

841 BCE

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Chronological and political information

Matriarch Telia Millangada was an asari Councilor, former Asari Commando Colonel, and powerful biotic during the Rachni Wars. At the time of the Rachni Wars she was in the Matriarch stage at 924 years old in 83 CE. She had served as a commando for most of her life, enlisting at the age of 218 and leaving at the age of 831. Her six centuries of service in the commandos gave her sound knowledge of the military, something that, combined with her being an ambassador - a position given to her as a reward for her heroic service to the Asari Republics - made her a prime choice for a Councilor when the former councilor passed away due to age. Before becoming a councilor, she had a highly decorated career in the commandos with over 131 medals and commendations earned. When she retired she was made an ambassador as a good faith gift from the asari. Her promotion to Councilor was seen as a positive thing as she understood war with a knowledge and experience rivaling the krogan warlords of Tuchanka.

Early on in the Manaban conflict, she masterminded a plan to kill the manaban emperor and, with the help of Tyrin Lieph, destroy their culture and the krogan people. She was later responsible for aiding Tyrin in bringing in Takavor Derishama for war crimes, a favor for Tyrin as Takavor had killed his son. After Takavor nearly killed her, she was involved in regaining control of the Citadel. She later became involved in the dezba extinction, but killed herself because she could no longer handle all the war, murder, and genocide she had seen.


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