Ten Crowns
The Ten Crowns Bar
was a high status asari established and later front for the Blue Suns. Founded in 1776 CE by ten asari sisters, all of whom were matriarchs. The Ten Crowns became a popular and high traffic bar. With ambassadors, admirals, rulers, councilors, celebrities, and other high profile individuals frequenting it. Leading to highly expensive prices on beverages in the process. The bar had no security save for a krogan exile. As most people would generally bring bodyguards with them. This proved to be a mistake in 2168 CE when a turian managed to kill a wealthy volus billionaire. With word of the shooting spreading the Ten Crowns hired the Blue Suns mercenary group for protection and to calm the populace. With the group eventually taking control of the organization turning it into a front company still favored by the wealthy. Using informants in the bar to gather information and use it for their own means or sell it to the Shadow Broker. The bar was however targeted again in 2185 CE by a group of six highly armed Eclipse soldiers led by then commander Aldor Sedolus. The shooting claimed the lives of eighteen people including an Elcor ambassador, the bartender, six Blue Suns, five millionaires, two popular asari film stars, a human colonel, and daughter of the Blue Suns commander on Illium, Emily Dulios. The bar was shut down two days later.

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