This is Papa Bravo 1-18 to Big Boomer 3-6 firing Tet on grid Zulu-Zulu Charlie. Repeat firing Tet on grid Zulu-Zulu Charlie. Over.
—Anonymous sniper to an M145 Artillery Battery before firing a Tet-12 dart on a pirate stronghold on the planet Xoxoromus in 2183 CE.
Tet-12 Artillery Coordination Rifle
The Tet-12 Artillery Coordination Rifle was an advanced long range marksman's rifle which was used normally by a spotter in a two man sniper team to help coordinate artillery strikes. Appearing to be an average sniper rifle to most, the Tet-12 fired a small metal dart that had been infused with a GPS tracking device that transmitted it's position to AHWC and EODC artillery servers.

Made in 2178 CE for use to help coordinate artillery strikes from M145 Howitzer Artillery Systems, once the dart was fired it instantly transmitted it's signal to artillery targeting servers which tracked it's movement until it stopped transmitting, an event which happened when the dart inpacted something and broke.

Upon the end of the transmission the artillery servers locked on to the dart's last transmitted location to fire on it. If the dart impacted someone it would still break and be similar to the pain experienced when a person was shot with a metal BB.

Proving effective and a good way to target artillery strikes, the Tet-12 was successful for the most part of it's use but it's use was limited after captured rifles were used to call in Alliance artillery on Alliance positions on the planet Covamius.

After the Covamius incident, Tet-12 users were required to radio in shots and VI targeting systems were required to check further before firing at targets which were provided by Tet-12 darts. After these protocols were introduced the Tet-12 was further reinstated into the Alliance Military where it was used until 2187 CE before it was retired.

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