Thamiel was the hybrid consciousness created when the Reaper Apollyon grafted pieces of its own body onto miner Joseph Morita. Originally intended to serve as Apollyon's "envoy", Thamiel was unleashed upon the human colony of Uke Mochi in 2185 CE, but was defeated through the combined efforts of Cmdr. Emmanuelle Sharon and James Skinner. After Apollyon was finally destroyed in 2187 CE, Thamiel, who had been laying dormant inside of Morita, was reactivated and went on a rampage, destroying the SSV Belgrade and causing the untimely deaths of Sharon and Skinner. Just before its host died, however, Thamiel managed to transfer itself into Skinner's body, and began "resurrecting" Skinner almost immediately after he died. When Sharon's lover, Siani T'Nair, made a deal with the organization Cerberus to bring them Skinner's body in exchange for the possibility of Sharon's resurrection, Thamiel experienced an unexpected boost in its efforts; with Cerberus scientists doing the "heavy lifting" in reconstructing Skinner's body, Thamiel was free to begin colonizing Skinner's brain.

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