Kill the human, but try and take my daughter alive. The little slut needs to learn that there are consequences to disobeying mother.
—Matriarch Eumenia

The Assault on Penthouse 17 was a battle between Eclipse mercenaries hired by the Matriarch Eumenia and Cmdr. Emmanuelle Sharon and Siani T'Nair.


Several months prior, the asari Matriarch Eumenia of Illium had hired Cmdr. Sharon and Lt. James Skinner from the Systems Alliance Navy for a supposed rescue mission on Zak'kon. She had told the two officers that her daughter Siani, an operative connected to Livis Armanents' private militia, had become pinned down while on a mission to rescue a group of asari who had travelled to Zak'kon to protest the Batarian Hegemony's ongoing occupation of the former asari colony world. The rescue mission turned out to be a trap; while Siani was indeed in danger, the Matriarch herself had been sabotaging her daughter's efforts to get off world. And yet somehow, Sharon managed to safely extract Siani, even though they ended up having to stay several months longer after Lt. Skinner was taken prisoner.

The Matriarch had intended for the rescue mission to fail, and for Sharon, Skinner, and her daughter to be killed, thus sparking a possible war between the Hegemony and the Systems Alliance. When all three of them survived, Siani managed to discover evidence of her mother's doings, and was preparing to present the evidence to the authorities on Illium. As if this weren't bad enough for the Matriarch, she also discovered that her daughter had been sleeping with the Commander. Unwilling to accept her fate, Eumenia intended to kill Cmdr. Sharon and make sure that her daughter never incriminated her.

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