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Fordion Treloc

As the large carrier touched down, Fordion looked around. He had been aligned with other species before, it was just part of his job, but never had he been paired with a group of war hungry krogan. He had to admit, though, that the krogan weren't as bad as his former allies made them out to be, they were warriors, like him. Soon, he and his fellow warriors were charging out of their ship and heading straight into a firefight, this was what he had experienced time and time again. He looked around and saw rocks and dirt everywhere, the remainder of the buildings were toppled or being thrown toward the rachni. As he looked further, he saw a large, dark cave with rachni pouring out. He quickly motioned to his new allies that they needed to meet up with a larger group of krogan and other soldiers in order to come up with a plan.

He began to run to the other krogan, his team hesitantly followed. Due to his frail flesh, Fordion mostly tried to dodge the thrown objects and projectiles, but every few steps he would fire upon his enemy. After what felt like a lifetime, they had made it to their allies and had a decent area of cover.



Takavor Derishama

The shuttle flew over Ragnora's surface. Takavor watched the ramp drop. He turned to his men. "Soldiers show no fear, show no mercy, and show no remorse. For let it be known that anyone who turns their backs to the enemy will face me!" He screamed these words as they echoed throughout the hold. He looked down at the planet, Ragnora it was called. It was nothing more than a hellhole world, much like Coralus but lacking the nuclear fallout and acidic atmosphere. He looked down, there were rachni moving towards their intended drop zone. "Put us down here," Takavor yelled over the noise of war and the engines.

The pilot turned to face them. "Negative, we are three clicks away from ordered DZ. Relax, dezba." Takavor hissed his forked tounge, a sign of combat and challenge. He pulled his pistol and took aim. The look on the salarian's face turned grave. He opened his mouth. "We land here."

Takavor smiled and looked at his men. "I will meet you on the ground my brothers," he yelled before pulling his war spear from his back and looking down. The rachni were moving only twenty feet below. He readied his spear, backed up, ran, and jumped.

He hit the ground. His spear landed in a rachni's head, a foot ahead of him. He pulled it out and looked to see himself surrounded. He brought his spear around in a 360 degree sweep that killed two rachni who were not quick enough to back up. One jumped at him. He bent his knees and angled his spear, the head lodging clean through the rachni's face. He held his spear horizontaly and licked the rachni's blood off, savoring the taste. Now there was a wall of rachni forming before him. This was where the fun would begin. He gripped his spear and ran into the chaos, unknowing of what would happen.

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Fordion Treloc

Fordion tried to regroup with the other soldiers, but he soon realized that the other krogan and assortment of species had no care for the ideas of a former batarian soldier. He motioned to his group to follow him toward higher ground, but they wouldn't budge. He then turned around and saw a large projectile coming straight toward the ground. After the immediate shock, he realized that it was a large krogan heading for the group of rachni. He then saw the krogan kill one, but it wasn't enough. The rachni were closing in too fast.

Fordion sprinted toward the group, jumping off rocks and fellow soldiers to gain a temporary high ground. He fired upon the rachni that were charging the krogan. He then saw that a group was trying to flank him. Fordion then grabbed his long knife that was hidden in his suit and quickly attached it to his rifle. He was then able to stab the nearby rachni and shoot any others that thought they could kill him. He then found himself near a large group of rachni and next to the krogan he had been trying to help. They were easily outnumbered 8 to 1. "Damn," he said under his breath, "this is going to take a lot of work."



Kredawt Darx

Kredawt stomped through the rocks. He sniffed the air. Rachni. Something skittered around. Darx put on his helmet, and turned around. He raised his shotgun, and in front of him, was a rachni. It was green. It made a hissing sound, and out of its mouth, bubbled a sickly looking yellowish, green acid.

Darx started to scream, and then he charged, roaring loud all the time. The rachni opened its mouth, and Darx barely had time to dodge, before it spat acid at the ground. Darx charged away, and he went into a patch of plants. As soon as he got out, he had to stop himself from going over a sheer drop of over three-hundred feet. Below, rachni and krogans battled, other small species speckled in between. Darx heard something behind him. He raised his shotgun again, and another krogan came out.

"That's a good view," the krogan said.

Darx nodded.

"Who are you?"

The krogan walked up to the cliff, and his face was fully visible. He had a large gash in his head crest.

"What's your name?"

The krogan's head crest was red, though it was speckled with blood.

The krogan walked past Darx, and stopped a few meters away.

A stray blast from a krogan artillery battery shot upwards. Darx's eyes widened.

"WATCH OUT!", Darx screamed, but before he could act, the blast hit the cliff.

The krogan screamed, and he was thrown off the cliff. He had a look of terror in his eyes, as he fell, with a horrendous bellow.

He plummeted to his doom. Darx never got his name.

Darx went back into the trees.



Fordion Treloc

Fordion fought as hard as he could, the smell he had taken a hit to the face previous and his blood ran thick and plentiful to the ground. The smell reminded him of home, the day that he left. The memory was fresh in his mind even though it had been so many years ago. He was attacked by a group of soldiers, the odds were in their favor. He had known why they hated him, he left their unit. He also knew that he would die if he didn't fight back, which he successfully did. He was banished from his home afterward, never to return. Fordion then continued with as much passion as before, he hated these dreaded monsters and he would do anything to make sure they never returned.

Fordion began spraying his bullets to keep the rachni at bay. Their blood was rich and the battle grounds smelled of the harsh battle that was underway.



Tora'Rai vas Leyna

Tora took her position on the cliff overlooking the main battle. On the far side of the mountain, she saw a stray battery hit something. Whatever it was just got screwed, she thought.

Tora looked down onto the scene of the battle. She pulled out her sniper, brandished and engraved in quarian symbols. It was silver, with red and black details, like her armor.

She looked down the scope. She saw a rachni impale a krogan, bring him up, and start ravaging him.

She bolted the rifle, and took a shot. A single wisp, like a banshee in the night.

It slowly turned to the sound of a siren song, to the rachni. He was about to rip the dead krogan's head off, when a shot hit the rachni in the head. The head exploded, Rachni blood flying everywhere. Some landed on a dezba soldier.

Tora bolted again, switched positions, and saw a krogan rushing a rachni. It hit the Rrchni head on, and as it was knocked back, Tora took the shot. The rachni's head erupted in a mass of blood. The krogan wiped it off of his eyes, and with pristine detail, Tora could see the look of confusion on its face. While it stood their, still wondering, a nearby rachni came behind the krogan, and acid spit hit the krogan's back hump. He screamed out in pain, and fell to the ground. Before the rachni could finish him off, Tora smiled.

"Oh, you stupid bug."

She took the shot, and it fell onto its belly.

A dezba warrior let out a wild cry, and ran over to the rachni. The dezba put his spear over the Rachni, and with force, impaled it.

The dezba pulled the spear out, and ran off. Blood spurted from the rachni's chest, spraying anyone nearby, like a fountain.

Tora snickered.

She got up, and ran across the cliff. She walked out to the most thick point of the cliff, and put her arms out. She sent a flare up. The salarians would know what it meant. Then she got up to the edge. The tip of her boots tipped over the edge, swaying in the wind. She then put one leg over the edge, and let herself fall.

She almost wanted to take her biosuit off. She loved the sound of the wind, reflecting off of her helmet. She screamed, but happily, and suddenly, she pushed a button on her suit. She was encased in a "biotic bubble". It was slowly getting smaller, but her descent was slowed.

When she landed, the bubble disappeared, but she was behind rachni lines. She ran through the terrain, planting strange, oval shaped devices around. Each time she planted one, a laser light appeared, connecting the devices.

The krogan had started to pull back.

The rachni felt like they had won, in that certain area of the planet, but they hadn't.

Tora planted the final device, about a mile away from the first device. She started to run, when a retreating rachni saw her. It let out a hiss, and spat at her. She dodged it, and quickly bolted her rifle. But this time, she pulled it down, then bolted it. She shot a little below the head, and an arrow attached to the rifle with a cord, sped into the rachni's neck. Tora snickered once more, and ripped the arrow out, sideways, the arrow quickly speeding back into the rifle. It collapsed, and sheathed itself below the barrel of the rifle. Tora ran into a nearby cave, and she looked on her wrist. She pulled up a small panel, revealing two buttons. One of them was green, the other red. The red one would turn green when all Citadel forces had retreated.

The other one meant that those devices, explosive charges, were ready to blow.

She got down into the cave, where she could barely see outside. There was a beep. She looked at her wrist, and saw both buttons were green.

A krogan captain's voice radioed in.

"We are all clear, krogans, and salarians. Are you sure you do not want to retreat? A beautiful quarian like you, could do for a... break."

Tora rolled her eyes.

"I'll be fine. Get ready to watch the fireworks."

The captain started to talk.

"Are you sure? This krogan gets-"

Tora pressed the button.

Outside, one small charge exploded. Then another, then another, then another. Then, suddenly, there was a massive sonic boom. Finally, the cave was filled with a light brighter than the sun, and then it was all quiet.

"Mission complete, sir," she said with clear spite.



Fordion Treloc

Fordion felt the ground rumble underneath him, the cave containing the rachni was coated in a thick dust, it appeared that the cave had been closed. Fordion heard shouts of victory throughout the field, the ceased once they felt a second rumble. One that wasn't caused by a large explosion. Fordion then heard it, a loud crash. Hundreds, if not thousands, of rachni poured out. They were everywhere, many krogan and other soldiers were being ripped apart, their screams echoed in the batarian's ears. Fordion knew he had to fight to survive, he laid a suppressing fire as his allies fled toward better cover. He almost died as 6 large, green rachni fired their poison, he barely dodge and ended up jumping into a large pocket that had been caused by the previous explosions. It was dark and smelled like fire. "Man, I'd rather be out there." the scent was too much for him. He charged out and stabbed a nearby rachni in the head, he then ran toward the higher ground, he knew it was their only way of survival.

He charged up the cliff, dodging tumbling rocks that were falling toward him. When he fully made his way up, he saw was he feared most. A large group of rachni were waiting for him. As they charge, he charged. As they attacked, he did the same. He fired his rifle into their heads and torso's, not knowing if they were doing as much damage to him. The battle was brutal, but by the end, the hill was clear and he was able to help his allies against the thousands rachni below. He lined up his shot and tried to pull the trigger, but nothing happened. He looked down at his hand and was shocked when he saw that his finger was missing. "Oh shit," he said. He knew that he could use his left hand to fire, but he wouldn't have the same accuracy with the way he was holding his weapon.



Takavor Derishama

Takavor looked at the piles of rachni that he and his clan had slew he grinned and laughed to himself. But his men were silent for a reason. He looked at them and heard whispers of "Coward" that would make Takavor's day even better. "Who?" he asked to his top lieutenent. "Gerodor ran away in the fight. We put a bullet in his leg to stop him from running." Takavor grinned and saw Gerodor on the ground surrounded by his fellow warriors. Shaking with tears in his eyes he knew what would soon happen. Takavor approached Gerodor. "Do you fear death? Do you fear the dark abyss?" he asked slowly and eerily. Gerodor nodded. "You know the punishment for cowardice." Takavor yelled. His entire clan smiled "Let's begin." he yelled as he and his men descended upon Gerodor eating him alive in a splatter of gore and blood. It was a savage tradition, the cannabilism of one's fellow warrior but one that was vital to make the clan strong.

"Sir we have recieved a call for help about eight clicks out." One of Takavor's men said handing him a datapad. "Good then there's a whole lot of rachni to kill and a whole lot of people to save. Now let's move out and focus on being big goddam heroes," Takavor said grabbing his spear.

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Fordion Treloc

Groups from all directions were beginning to arrive, but the rachni would not dissipate. It seemed that for one killed, three would arrive. The battle field was covered in a thick layer of red and green. Fordion then did the only thing he could think of, he held a grenade in his bloody hand and triggered and threw it. The explosion was huge, it left a huge gap in the large grouping. "Charge!" he then yelled. No one was around him, but he knew he himself needed the encouragement. When Fordion reached the bottom he was met by his assigned krogan team. They laid a thick layer of cover fire while he ran back to their vantage point. Once he made it, his team began running back. Fordion watched as one of the krogan, the oldest of the group, was lifted in the air and then nearly swallowed whole by a large rachni. "Attack!" Fordion yelled, he knew that larger rachni meant they were nearing the last of this area's rachni.

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Takavor Derishama

Takavor whipped his spear horizontaly cutting two rachni in half. He looked around the battle was going good for them. The brood warriors were emerging, a sign that the hive was taking heavy losses. He kept loking. A brood warrior was near him. He saw it consume a large krogan, probably a battlemaster. Takavor let out a war scream, drawing the beast's attention and ran towards it. Spear in hand. He jumped on it trying to hold on as it attempted to jerk him off. Takavor plunged the spear into the rachni's back. It shrieked but kept kicking, even harder than before. Takavor flew off five feet in the air and landed on the scorched ground. The beast was running towards him as he crawled. He saw a five round burst battle rifle ahead of him. He grabbed it and turned over firing ten shots into the Rachni's head. It fell mostly on him. A batarian came and helped him up. "And you are?" Takavor asked.

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Fordion Treloc

Fordion saw the large rachni fall from the a dezba's doing. It seemed that the dezba was nearly crushed by the the dead rachni so Fordion ran to him and helped him up. "I'm Fordion," he said when the dezba asked him his name. Before Fordion could say anything else, another large rachni attacked. It ate another large krogan nearby before having a whole clip penetrate its neck. "There we go," Fordion said. The adrenaline in his system was beginning to fade and he was beginning to feel the pain in his thumb. He quickly grabbed a med-pack and used the medication that helped with the pain. "Man, I really hope they can fix this," he said mostly to himself, but there was a large group near him.



Takavor Derishama

Takavor looked at the batarian. Apperantly named Fordion. He looked like an able warrior and appeared wounded. Takavor looked out at the field of battle his men and the Krogan were suppressing the pockets of rachni resistance left. The battle was won. Takavor approached a dead brood warrior and hissed his tongue before biting into it's flesh. "Ali ki don mor." he screamed. Takavor swallowed the rachni, his clan around him cheering as he screamed into the air. He looked at the field of slaughtered rachni. This was a beautiful war. His captain handed him a datapad. Takavor looked at it. The ruins of the manaba city of Amphaca, a large rachni stronghold. That was where the admirals wanted the army that had assembled here. Takavor saw dropships land picking up troops. "Let's go," he said as he boarded a dropship.

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Voren'Dro vas Rayya

Voren had been waiting on call, when he'd heard the red alert. Tora had failed. He stood up, and got into a dropship.

When he landed, the door opened in a whole new world. A quarian special ops squad was with him.

Voren jumped off the dropship, and saw that many were leaving. He would need backup to rescue Tora. There were Dezba getting on ships, along with manaba, Krogan, salarians, and quarians. Voren jumped off, and circled his men.

"Tora is somewhere in that cliff, trapped, probably fighting off rachni. We need to make a small hole, and get to Tora, before the rachni bring the cavern's ceiling down. For all we know, she's already dead. As soon as we get out, we need to plug the hole. Veet, you and Rosq will hold the door. Me, Ril, Sotro, and Kenn will go get Tora. Affirmative?"

The squad nodded. Ril was female, Sotro was quick, and Kenn was a good shot, while Veet had brute strength, and Rosq was new.

Voren led the way, searching quickly to Tora's last known location. There was a small nook that was covered by boulders. Voren quickly motioned Veet. He lifted off the heavier boulders, as the rest of the squad lifted the lighter ones. Voren went first. He shined his light around. The rest of the squad came in, and Veet and Rosq stayed behind, propping the cave roof open with their newly assigned Biotic abilities. The cave entrance had started to crack, but they had kept it up.

Meanwhile, Voren looked around the cave, lit by the sunlight from the entrance.

"Sir, it's Tora's transmitter."

Voren ran over.

"'Bosh'tet," Voren cursed.

"We have to keep going. We have to find Tora," he continued.

The cave got darker ahead, and there was a hiss at the end.



Takavor Derishama

Takavor watched from the gunship as a Citadel fighter, asari in design, swooped down firing a missile into a large building sending dust and rocks everywhere. The siege of this ancient city was going to be hard. The fight of Takavor's life. He loved it. The dropship landed in a courtyard; Takavor charged out leading his men in a chant as they ran through Rachni hacking, slashing, and firing at will. Takavor saw a barricade being held by a squad of Batarians. Takavor approached and took cover next to one in black and green armor. "Dezba chieftan Takavor Derishama 67th council dezba unit." he yelled to the batarian over bursts of rifle fire going off. The batarian popped up firing twenty rounds of his Malak five round burst battle rifle. "Lieutenent Morva Dervan, Batarian Iron Guard." he yelled. "Listen chieftan, we need your help. We got a forward recon team pinned the fuck down a mile up. And then we have a rachni gun a block away shooting down our ships that are trying to drop down some armor. And I got half a platoon missing and scattered. So any help would be appreciated."

Takavor looked at him. "Alright Lieutenant, what's our main objective?"

"Some old temple about half a click down reports show a goddamn rachni queen."

"Hooah Lieutenant now tell your men to get to work. Move out."

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Fordion Treloc

Fordion was excited, he had hoped that he would get the chance to kill a rachni queen. When he arrived and saw the rachni, he was shocked. He had heard tales of their size, but never had he actually seen one in person. He turned and saw his krogan allies looking at him, he motioned for them to follow as he swiftly made his way closer to the beast.

There was a smaller amount of other rachni than expected, "This should be easy". Fordion began shooting but soon realized that the bullets were barely affecting it. He would need to get closer. He, however, feared of getting too close.



Voren'Dro vas Rayya

"Squad, on me!", Voren yelled. The quarians turned the taclights on their weapons on, and rushed through the caves. The deeper they went, the more dead Rachni they found.

Everywhere, Rachni had been stabbed, slashed, gutted, shot, beheaded...

Voren lead the way, until there was a fork in the cave.

"Rill, Sotro, go that way. Me and Kenn will go right. Stay in constant contact by radio. Okay?"

The quarians nodded.

"Here we go."

The two quarians broke off, and Voren and Kenn walked forward.

"Captain... What if Tora's dead?", the young quarian asked to Voren, looking around nervously.

"She's not dead, Kenn. I know it in my heart. It's a feeling you get when you get to know someone."

Kenn nodded.


Kenn walked up to a turn, and something grabbed him, and with a yelp, he was gone.

Voren screamed, and ran to the corner, shining his taclights around the tunnel that led down at an angle. Voren radioed in.

"Kenn is MIA, I repeat Kenn is MIA! Any sign of Tora over there?"

There was static for a few seconds, and then a voice.

"No sign of Tora... All we found were some dead rachni. We're coming to help, sir."

Voren looked suspiciously down into the tunnel. He hoped they would be fast.



Takavor Dersishama

Takavor ran down an ancient manaban alleyway. Dervan was talking about a rachni anti air gun. If it was disabled then the 5th Krogan Armored Column would be able to roll right in. Takavor thought about the situation. The queen would require everything to be taken down. Armor, sniper support, and bombardment. If Vervan had a sniper recon team then they would have at least one Locke 370. Those could probably rip a hole straight through the queen's skin. And those snipers could take out infantry. But there would be no armor or reinforcements if the gun remained. Takavor stopped thinking when he saw it. On top of a two story building. Perfect. He thought before he took a javelin off the ground took aim and threw it. The spear flew through the air until landing in a Rachni's head. Takavor then jumped up and screamed loud enough for everyone in a mile to hear and charged. His spear in hand. He looked back his clan was behind him with spears, swords, maces, bows, Malaks, snipers, and one rocket launcher. A rocket flew past Takavor's head landing in the building that the gun was in. The building shook and collapsed the gun fell down crushing Rachni. It was over before it began. His men tok out the survivors. Takavor looked at his nephew who was holding the rocket launcher. "An excellent kill." he yelled to him. Takavor started talking to his captain when he saw his nephew's shafow behind him. He turned around quickly putting his spear in his nephew's face. Moving closer and using the spear to hold up the body Takavor took a bite from his nephew's head and let the body fall. Blood oozed out on the streets. He looked at his clan. "Allakahuma." he screamed in the old language.

"Allakahuma," they screamed back.

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Team two got to the tunnel.

"Something grabbed Kenn. We have to get to him! On me!"

The quarian team ran down into the incline, and it got damp. So damp, Voren slipped, and began sliding down the incline. It seemed to go on forever, and Voren made sure he wasn't alone. His team was following. Voren tried to grab something, but the farther down they got, the more smooth the walls were, and the damp, muddy ground had turned into trickling water.

Finally, Voren saw a light. He thought for one minute, wondering why there would be a light at the bottom of a cave, but before he could act, he flew off the incline, and through the hole. A rachni hive opened up before him, as bright, chemical made lights blinded him. Rachni stormed around everywhere, and inside a literal "building", made of what appeared to be saliva and waste, a queen was constantly hatching eggs, of ten organs sticking out of the building, leading to platforms, where rachni were carrying them off. But something had happened, as one of the walls of the caves were made of hundreds of boulders. The explosion Tora had made. But where was she now? Before Voren had time to think, he slammed into the ground, behind a series of rock columns.



Takavor Derishama

Takavor looked at his dead nephew. He had attempted to kill him and take control of the clan. Takavor knew his brother would be angry and likely have to be killed upon arrival on Coralus. Takavor got on his comm. "Lieutenant, anti-air is down, bring in the column," he yelled into it as a dropship carrying a krogan Tomka flew in. Ships were landing everywhere, this was the best possible opportunity to kill the queen. Takavor listened as commanders reported success in clearing areas and reports of their arrival. The Citadel had at least two thousand on the ground. The old temple would soon be theirs. Takavor led his clan to the temple. He saw two Tomkas, the Lieutenants men, about fifty krogan whose numbers were increasing by the second, and another dezba clan. Takavor looked at the temple. It was about three hundred feet tall with doors rising to the roof, and made completely of marble; the manaba took great pride in architecture. Takavor heard an asari voice over the comm and then a fighter. It swooped over his head and fired a missile creating a deafening awe and explosion as the doors crumbled. Takavor saw the queen and a few thousand rachni while everyone stood still he screamed and ran for the rachni. His clan followed. A few seconds later the krogan and batarian soldiers were right behind him. This was it.

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When Voren awoke, a thousand terrible smells entered his nose. Horrible, horrible smells. As his sight came back, he saw the blurred helmets of his quarian team. He realized there was a crack in his biosuit's visor. He sat up, and saw that he had been moved to a nook in the cave wall. As he looked around, he saw rachni storming around impatiently. As Voren turned, he saw that there were two dead rachni in the nook, and that he was being pulled inside a hole in the nook.

Sotro looked at him.

"Stay here, captain."

Voren stood up, stumble around, and steadied himself. "No. I have to find Tora."

Sotro sighed.

"Captain, there are over a thousand rachni inside that building, and... The queen is there! I doubt Tora is alive!"

Sotro pushed his captain against the wall.

"With all due respect, captain, Tora is DEAD. You are an idiot to think she is alive! There is no way that she fought all those rachni off, or snuck around them. Stay here commander. You're wounded, and your biosuit is penetrated! I will find another-"

Voren grabbed his pistol, and shot Sotro in the stomach.

"Aagh!", Sotro fell onto the ground, the sound of air flowing out of his suit. "What was that for?", Sotro said, gasping.

"Now your biosuit is punctured, you bosh'tet. Ril, your coming with me. We're going to find Tora and Kenn. Sotro, stay here," Voren said, sarcastically.

"It's not like I have, ugh, much choice!"

Ril gave a small grin under her biosuit.

Voren grabbed Sotro's rifle, and motioned Ril.

"Let's go."



Takavor threw his spear. It glided through the air to strike a rachni in it's face, blood splattered everywhere. Takavor pulled his short sword from his sheath and began hacking away at the rachni as they descended upon him in drones. He cut one out of the air before one of his men threw him a shield. Upon catching the disk shaped object he rammed into into a rachni, vreaking it's skull. He continued the process of hacking until he reached a his spear still stuck in the rachni. He wedged it out and threw his shield. It's sharpened edges flew threw the air like a frisbee until it cut apart a rachni brood warrior. He deposited his sword into a charging rachni's skull and kept charging; his men would feast tonight. He cut apart another rachni before he stopped in awe before the rachni queen who now stood before him. "Drolasmo," he cursed in the ancient language.

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Voren grabbed Ril, and pulled her behind a rock column as a rachni worker walked by, carrying larva. Soon, a full line of rachni continued on, bringing larva up to a hole in the collapsed wall, where another rachni was grabbing it.

Voren motioned Ril, and the two ran up to another hole, leading to an entrance to the central building, where the queen was housed.

"Captain, where do you think Tora is?"

Voren looked around, and saw dead soldiers being hauled off to the central building where the queen was.

Voren looked intently into Ril's eyes.

"Stay here. I am going in. If your cover is blown, get out of here. Run. Just run. If so, I'll hear you."

Ril nodded, and crouched against the wall.

Voren sprinted inside the central building, narrowly missing a brood warrior. Once inside, he saw that the building was made completely out of rachni waste products, and dirt, molded by acid. There were rock columns all around the center, leading up to the lower section of the queen, the columns supporting her. Around the columns were platforms and ramps, forming stairwells, and ways up. There was a hole in the building, going in on an incline down to another level. That's where the bodies were headed. The stairwells had the occasional Rachni, which would walk up the platforms, grab the larva off of the egg laying organs inside the building, and proceed to go who knew where. Voren was interested in the hole. He ran down, following the Rachni closely. One looked back, but didn't see Voren. Voren followed them, and found they were going into a chamber, with a tube going down, big enough to fit a krogan inside. Voren realized they were food or fuel for the queen. That queen must have been the one in charge of laying eggs, or something, Voren thought. He jumped into a small nook in the rocks, and watched what the Rachni were doing with the bodies.

They took all the krogans, salarians, dezba, batarians, and most of the asari, and shoved them inside the tube. They slowly went up, but their silhouettes disappeared after a while. Being melted into baby food, Voren thought. He sat up, and started to run. Tora wasn't in here, when he bumped into something.

It was a red armored Quarian.

"Keelah se'lai! Kenn!", Voren yelled, forgetting for a moment he was at a Rachni hive.

A rachni worker looked back, and saw him. The worker looked up into the air, opened it's mouth, and suddenly, a lot of rachni were coming after Voren and Kenn.

Kenn looked around.

"Where are the others?"

"Hiding. What about Tora?", Voren replied.

Voren shot a few rachni workers, exploding on their counterparts.

"Let's get outta here!!!", Kenn replied, running out into the open.

"FOR TORA'RAI VAS LEYNA!", Kenn screamed, running out of the building. He was crushed and trampled by Rachni.

Voren yelled, and started to sprint. He shot around, killing hundreds of rachni, and found Ril with another quarian. But wait. Kenn was dead, and Sotro was wounded. Tora!

Voren ran up to Tora.

"Keelah se'lai! Tora!"

Voren gave Tora a large hug, and then turned around, to see acid rain coming in.

"There is another exit where they ship out the larva, over there!", Tora yelled, pointing at the collapsed wall.

Voren nodded.

"Let's go!"

Voren, Ril, and Tora charged out, and ran through waves of rachni, shooting around them, throwing flashbangs everywhere. Tora stepped up to the hundreds of rocks and boulders, and started climbing them Ril behind. Tora eventually jumped out, and helped Ril out, but Voren remembered something. He turned around, and saw the nook where Sotro was.

"What are you doing!? C'mon!", Tora yelled, sticking her head in.

Voren jumped off a boulder, and landed on a hard patch of dirt. He stood up, and sprinted to Sotro, ignoring the rachni. He felt a warm feeling on his back, but didn't dare turn around. He slid into the nook, grabbed Sotro, and rushed over to the hole. He pushed a boulder aside, and jumped out. Tora shot the wall behind him, closing the hole. Voren dropped onto the ground, and fell unconscious.



Takavor Derishama

Takavor threw the spear into the queen's neck. But it didn't go down. It only made her angry. She charged him and Takavor started to flee. At least two hundred soldiers were firing on the queen but she did not fall. Takavor fled behind a large column and was surprised to see lieutenant Dervan there. He nodded and Takavor saw him holding a Locke 370. Dervan popped out and fired the weapon into the queen she hissed as blood, skin, and organs flew from her. That had done massive damage. Takavor fired his Malak into her trying to find good cover to retreat. Takavor looked at the lieutenant. "Dervan give me the Locke and get your men outa" he said as Dervan threw him the gun and started to retreat most of the soldiers save the krogans followng him. Takavor looked. The columns were old and placed on either side of the temple. Bringing the center one done would crush the queen and bring down the temple. Takavor started running back and switched the Locke to manual fire. He was at the temple door when he pulled the trigger. The massive slug flew threw the air and hit the column's base. The thing collapsed and fell Takavor ran as the entire temple fell. Killing the queen and numerous krogans. Takavor sighed a breath of relief as the temple was now rubble his clan gathered before him as one of his men collapsed. Takavor looked to see about thirty krogan and watched as the batarians and quarians started to back up. "You have killed our chieftan and our brethren. You will fall." one krogan said, holding a smoking pistol. Takavor pulled a spear from the ground and looked at the krogans. "Boys, here's your feast," he yelled to his clan pointing at the krogans. He charged them, with spear in hand, and screaming his burnt lungs out.

Foxtrot12 02:06, August 10, 2010 (UTC)


Foran Lieph Foran had been dropped on Ragnora several hours ago, and his squad was immediately sent as reinforcements for the squads attempting to kill the Rachni Queen they had found. As the shuttle they were on flew to their destination, he was appalled by the mass destruction that had engulfed the planet. "To think that this was a fully populated planet once... If this is the kind of destruction that the manabans endured as they evacuated their planet, then it's a miracle the entire population wasn't shell-shocked," he declared to his fellow soldiers. He wondered if perhaps his father was right when he said that it was pointless to give one's life to war. But it was too late for regrets now... Foran looked ahead and saw a vicious battle...with no Rachni in sight. There were several dozen krogans attacking a clan of dezba. He was unsure which side of the battle his squad should aid, as both were savage races... He doubted there was any justifiable reason for this civil war that was waging before his eyes. "Get your guns, soldiers. It doesn't exactly look like we had an easy victory down there..." Lovelyb0nes 02:30, August 10, 2010 (UTC)


Takavor Derishama

Takavor screamed as the first krogan went down by a spear to the neck. Takavor wondered why the weak spot was always the neck before another krogan charged him. Takavor grabbed a ten foot long phalanx spear from the ground and knelt. The krogan was caught on the spear and in an instant Takavor managed to flip the beast and land him in the ground behind him the spear still in his heart. He grabbed his short sword and started hacking and this range a rifle was useless. And that was the range a dezba always triumphed in. He killed a few more before his clan who had backed up opened fire. The krogan were dropping at his feet. Only one was left, the second in command now leader of the clan. He was on his knees yelling random gibberish faster than a salarian begging for mercy. Takavor decapited the welp and screamed into the sky. His clan desecended on the dead and wounded krogan. Takavor saw some krogans who were still alive being eaten or burned alive for better taste with incindiary ammo. The screams of pain from krogan and the warcries of the dezba filled the air. Takavor dug his teeth into the krogan leader while other non dezba looked at him and his clan in disguist and horror.

Foxtrot12 02:39, August 10, 2010 (UTC)


"We need to get him off the planet, he is heavily wounded!", Tora yelled, ignoring the fighting around her. Voren and Sotro were unconscious. An asari gunship landed, the gun bays replaced with medical equipment. Voren and Sotro were loaded up, then Ril climbed on, and Tora guarded their rear. As the doors closed, an asari scientist walked up. Tora ran up to her.

"Both of their envirosuits were penetrated. The one in the light red has one shot that grazed his rib, and the one in the purple has multiple burns on his back, and a cracked visor," Tora said. She had ended up rescuing them. Ril sat in the back, staring onto the battlefield. The ship lifted off.

"We have no envirosuits here. You must get him to the Flotilla if you want a new envirosuit. All we can do is repair his back wounds. Would that be okay? As for for the one with the shot in him. He is guaranteed to be fighting tomorrow. The other will have three days recuperation on the Flotilla or Citadel, okay? I'll have to put them in the back," the asari scientist stated, looking at Tora.

Tora nodded. She watched as the scientist rolled off the gurneys to the back room. She grasped her hands against her chest, and waited for the scientist to go back to the cockpit. Then Tora walked into the back room. All kinds of medical utensils. Cutting blades, energy torches, all kinds of things. There were two medical chambers. Like gurneys, but airtight and encased in glass. Voren was in one, but Sotro's was open. He was asleep.

Tora walked over to Voren. His eyes were open, and she could tell he wanted to get up. He looked at her.

"I didn't think you would come back for me. I'm expendable, no?"

Voren grasped his visor. Whatever was inside the tank was leaking in, but Voren managed to say, "No one left behind."

Then Voren fell back asleep. Tora smiled, and walked out.



Foran Lieph Foran watched in disgust as the leader of the dezba clan feasted on the krogan that they had killed. His squad had arrived on the scene and immediately realized that they were too late to make any impact at all. All they could do was watch the hideous carnage unfold until the last krogan had fallen. To get the dezba chief's attention, he had at first simply tried to speak in a normal tone, but the dezba couldn't hear him over the sound of tearing flesh. Foran bellowed to get his attention, yet he ignored him still. Foran fired his pistol into the sky; the dezba ignored him. He fired his pistol at the dezba's shoulder; this was the last action he ever made. Foran's last thoughts were "Father, I forgive you. This war.... This is too much. These...atrocities...I can't handle this. You were trying to protect me from this..." After he fired the shot, the dezba swiftly hurled his spear though Foran, killing him instantly.

Lovelyb0nes 05:25, August 10, 2010 (UTC)


Takavor Derishama

Takavor watched his spear go straight through the salarian who had shot at him. The spear went through him and fell into the ground with him on it, impaling the salarian.Takavor motioned and his clan attacked the salarian's squad, while Takavor ripped the salarian's head off with his hands and held it in the air screaming, Takavor would keep it as a trophy. Directly in front of a young batarian who was filming the scene, Takavor started drinking the blood gushing from the salarian's neck and then started eating away. He finished an hour later lying down around a bonfire of salarians drinking and chanting before succumbing to sleep. He awoke the next morning as lieutenant Dervan approached him and gave him a datapad. It had coordinates for an ancient city, Krulus Mor, the manaba's old capital. Takavor nodded and readied his clan.

Foxtrot12 05:50, August 10, 2010 (UTC)


Kredawt Darx

Darx fought hard, kicking back a rachni Brood Warrior, when a rachni flew above, he shot it, the rachni plummeted down onto a dezba warrior. It was one of a kind, and now dead. Darx shot three more rachni, blood flew out in a kaleidoscope of gore.

Darx got to cover, and took off his helmet, placing it unto the ground. He took out varren meat MRES for krogans, called Long-Lasting Fish-dog bites. He ate three of the compacted pieces of varren meat, and was about to put back on his helmet, when something ringed in on his comm.

"THIS IS A COUNCIL BROADCAST", the voice of a krogan, and two salarians, along with a quarian, all said simultaneously. "IF YOU READ YOUR HOLO-MANUAL, ISSUED TO: KROGANS, SALARIANS, BATARIANS, ASARI, AND QUARIANS, YOU WILL KNOW WHAT WE ARE ABOUT TO SAY."

There was a pause. "ELIMINATE THE DEZBA."

Darx smiled as the message ended. He stood up, noticing a dezba warrior.

"Move comrades! I will drink the rachni's blood when we win this war!", it hissed.

Darx threw a grenade at him, and watched the newfound carnage. All gunfire shifted from the retreating rachni, to the dezba, who were being massacred by those that they had considered their brothers in arms. Darx could hear their cries, as they said things like, "FRIENDLY FIRE!", or the most common, "WHAT THE FUCK!?", before they died.

Darx ran up to one, who was on the ground, bleeding out. His forked tongue stuck out of his mouth, the red color on his face dimming into a brown.

"Why, comrade? Why?", the Dezba asked, looking at Darx as he faded to death.

"Orders.... Are orders, dezba," Darx noted. And with that, he ended the dezba's life. Darx felt so bad. He didn't have the will to fight. He ran into a trench, and leaned his head back.

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