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Tikrog Kurvok

Kurvok took the final sip of his stimulant, black, and now cold, and crumpled the cup. He threw it into the trash, and a salarian child stood in awe before him. He was in the Limbasi Wards, sort of a food court for the Citadel. Kurvok laughed.

"What's a matter kid, never seen a krogan crumple a cup? Try my mouth," Kurvok opened his mouth wide, and growled.

The salarian child started crying. His father came up.

"What's a matter with you, krogan? Ugh...." The salarian walked off with his kid.

Kurvok went over, and sat down on a bench.



Halak Marr

"Leck, ready the reserve army of seventeen thousand." Marr said to his brother as the hologram appeared. "Seventeen thousand? But we have half a million."

"No brother, the council cannot know our true strength. Send seventeen thousand."

"Very well brother." Marr then canceled the connection. He turned around as the door opened. He saw not a krogan but two manaba both dressed as civilians. They were both wearing masks one pulled a switchblade. He flicked it out. The other was armed and ready with a pistol. Marr knew this was coming his latest idea no one knew not even the Overlord. He had went under a false identity and hired two manaba who would act as political extremists to try to kill him. They both belonged to the Manaban Emperor's royal guard. The act might trigger a war and would most likely hurt manaban relations. "Time to die krogan," one said. Marr used his biotics to lift his helmet and send it flying into the skull of said manaba with a pistol.

"Heretic," the surviving assassin said as he lunged at Marr with his knife. Marr pulled his shotgun and squeezed the trigger, the manaban fell and blood oozed out onto the ground. Marr contacted Kurvok. "Overlord, there's been a complication. Two manaba have tried to assassinate me. Both were of the royal guard."

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Overlord got a message from his comm.

"Ugh... Who is it now?", the comm opened, and Marr spoke up.

"Overlord.... There's been a complication. Two manaba have tried to assassinate me. Both were of the royal guard."

Overlord gasped.

"I've got you tracked. I'm on my way!"



Telia Millangada

Telia sat in her chair in the private council chambers looking at Roraan. She sipped a cup of salarian ale, one of the strongest drinks in the galaxy. "This new krogan army is troubling. Where and how they got such resources is utterly unknown. These krogan pose an extreme threat. We need to scout out Tuchanka... Send an STG team there, and establish a permanent spy presence to track their numbers," Telia said, the speed of her words increasing. "As well, we need to find an alternative to their army. We must successfully align the manaba to our side." Telia was cut off as the holo projector beeped. Telia pressed the button to see a young asari Matron, a lieutenant in the army deployed to the citadel peacekeeping force holding a rifle come up. "Councilor... Overlord Kurvok is requesting an audience with the council. I'm in the Krogan Embassy. The manaba royal guard have attempted to kill the Overlord's advisor." Telia dropped her glass on the ground creating a shattering sound.

"Fuck," she whispered under her breath as she realized how much harder this had just become.

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Tikrog Kurvok

Kurvok paced around impatiently. He needed an audience. The manaba had made their move. How did they come aboard the Citadel? How did they find Marr? Marr sat behind Kurvok, and there was a sly grin on his face. While they waited for the other councilors, Kurvok had some questions to ask.

"Marr, what exactly happened?"



Halak Marr

"Political manipulation for the master plan. If the manaba have tried to kill an important political advisor then the council will not side in favor to them. However the Council are worried that without a sufficient ally, the rachni will overwhelm them. They will not declare war on those they perceive as a necessity, and neither will the manaba. The idea of allying with the manaba will seem incredibly unappealing and relations may be cut, allowing for us to take a majority share of the council's army. However, to do so I needed to anonymously hire manaban royal guards to kill me to make it look as either an act sanctioned by the Emperor, or a bout of extremism," Marr said, answering Kurvok's question. "And besides, I haven't killed something in two months. It felt good killing those puny bastards."

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Tikrog Kurvok

"I am not sure whether to be pleased, or disappointed. My idea was that we could ally with the manaba, beat the rachni, and then overthrow their Emperor by framing him with some war crime. But you acted fast, and I like that Marr. You are as cunning as... I've already said that. But you could've at least told me. Your supposed to be my advisor, not my puppetmaster. I won't tell the Councilors. You did good, though."



Halak Marr "I am sorry for not informing you, however the more worried you appear the better. If you had been aware from the start then you would not have acted so surprised, alerting the council. if they realize what I have done, then it would bode hell for us all. As for an allegiance, the manaba are far too proud and religious. However the dezba.. are as evil, savage, and cunning as possible; they can strike fear even into the hearts of krogan. They are not so much different from us. An allegiance could prove beneficial. However now is not the time," Marr finished as the Council walked in. Telia reluctantly stated, "Overlord Kurvok, we will hear your case."

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Tikrog Kurvok

Timeframe: Roraan departed from the Citadel several hours before the following meeting, to attend an appointment with an assassin.

"Councilor Telia, The manaba are not a good race. No, no, no! They want war with us, they are aggressive, and they tried to kill my advisor. My advisor, Halak Marr, was, just a few hours ago at..."

Kurvok started counting with his fingers. Tyrin Lieph rolled his eyes.

"9:00 AM Citadel time, there was an assassination attempt on Marr. Two manaba, which according to Marr were of the Royal Guard, tried to kill him. An assassination, possibly to prove an extremist point, on an ambassador's advisor! They tried to murder him. They want war. We all know that. We must understand that they are just as evil as the rachni. Marr fought them off. Be glad he did. We very nearly struck an alliance with the manaba."



Tyrin Lieph

Timeframe: Tyrin is heading home after receiving the news about the attempted murder of Marr.

Tyrin was unsure what to believe...The manaba were unquestionably an extreme race, but an attempted assassination? No, when he considered it further, he knew that they were capable of such a thing. Unless this was part of a plot of the krogans to usurp the manaba from the Citadel and it's military... But were they clever enough to think of such a scheme? He very much doubted it... But of course, his opinion did not matter unless the Councilors consulted him for a contribution to the discussion. Tyrin had decided that this was an example of manaban extremism that proved they were unfit to be part of Citadel space. He also became further convinced that the Councilors' plan to assassinate the Manaban Emperor was justifiable to the public as of now. Tyrin looked forward to the day that all this war would be behind the universe... He was as of yet unsure of how he would be able to bring this war closer to its conclusion, but he knew that his opportunity would come soon, and he would seize said opportunity with all the ferocity of a krogan charging into battle. Lovelyb0nes 00:01, August 10, 2010 (UTC)


Telia Millangada

Telia was scared now. The assassination was crucial for cooperation with the manaba but with this attempt on the krogan's life, at this point it would look more like retribution. The Manaban Emperor needed to die publicly, where everyone could see. This way it would look natural. But then they would have no reason to seek vengeance on the rachni. This grew more complicated by the second. Telia looked at Kurvok. She felt her old commando insticints rise up. She started remembering four hundred years ago she was just a sergeant. In a negotian she had shot the enemy whom she had intended to work with. She enjoyed it and almost wanted to reach for her weapon now. But then the urge ended, as she remembered that those days were over. Sometimes she wished she wasn't a councilor. Sometimes she desired to be on Omicron or Ragnora ripping rachni apart. But then she went back to her political machinations. Her militant career had been buried in the past, and now it was time to look to the future. "Overlord Kurvok, we are investigating your charges and will notify you upon conclusion of the investigation," Telia said. "This meeting is ajourned." Roraan's current absence had grown to be a distinct nuisance. She then walked into her chambers and got on her comm contacting her receptionist. "Feliak," she asked.

"Yes ma'am," the receptionist replied.

"I would like to speak to Fretly's advisor. Please send him in here."

"Of course councilor." The call ended. Telia needed help and Fretly's advisor would have to do as she lacked one of her own. She needed advice on things like what to believe, what to do, and how to proceed. She picked up a glass of salarian ale and started drinking. Waiting for Lieph.

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Tyrin Lieph Tyrin had been meditating in his bedroom when he was contacted by the asari Councilor's receptionist, Feliak. He was thrown off by the message... Why did the councilor need him? Unless Roraan was busy handling the assassination, in which case she would need a consultant. Whether this was the situation or not, he knew he had to obey his superior. He switched back into proper public attire and took the Citadel Transit back to the Tower. As he was transported to the Tower at a breakneck speed, Tyrin's mind returned his political mindset he had to have in place before participating in debate. He allowed no distractions to enter his thoughts, until he recalled that his son had been shipped out that morning. He couldn't stop his son, but he could make sure that the Lieph family line would end, that another salarian wouldn't have to suffer by losing his father, children, or brothers and sisters. He checked the gun hidden on his person to make sure it was in good condition. He exited the Transit and took the elevator up to the Council's private chambers. "Why can't these things go any fucking faster?"


'Tikrog Kurvok

Kurvok sipped another cup of coffee, again, cold and black. He threw the cup away, glad to be alone. He had some thinking to do. He took a transport to his apartment, decorated with objects. As soon as he opened the door, he was greeted by a Bymusthian Bull, only found on Tuchanka, now extinct. The bull's head was mounted on the wall, his fur on Kurvok's bed. There was a rifle, a heavy weapon, and a shotgun on his desk, along with a holo TV. He jumped onto his bed, and turned on the TV. It was Holohead News. A sort of tabloid.

"The manaba have tried an assassination on the Krogan Overlord's advisor, Halak Marr. Blah, blah, blah. I think it was a setup. Maybe Kurvok is behind it..."

"That son of a-" Kurvok muttered to himself. He changed the channel, interrupting the tabloid report, and fell asleep.



Telia Millangada

Telia was looking at a painting, made by a krogan artist presented as a gift by the Gradorm clan. It was beautiful, a plethora of reds and oranges strung together in a pure yet simple manner. Telia heard the elevator ring and turned as Lieph walked into the room. "Lieph, I seek your council. I am unsure what course of action to take. Whether to believe Kurvok, go to war, seek counsel with the manaba, or continue the assassination you must be aware of. I find myself unsure. Knowing that there will be consequences no matter what. I need council and advice. I lack an advisor, so I seek you. What course of action would you reccomend? As I cannot decide for myself. I am worried and unsure. Please lend me advice on your suggestions. I have tried but cannot reach a consensus with myself," Telia uttered to him, before Lieph even had time to open his mouth.


Tyrin Lieph This was exactly the opportunity that Tyrin had yearned for since the day he had been conscripted as an advisor back in the 50's. This was the chance to possibly alter the course of history itself. He couldn't allow such a fortuitous offer to be wasted. Tyrin considered what the asari was asking of him.

The asari had a way of describing the issue at hand effortlessly... Tyrin regretted his former disrespect for her, she was a lot more competent than he had always considered her. He paused for several moments to gather his thoughts, and then spoke clearly. "It is an honor to be able to aid you in any way possible, Councilor. Primarily, I feel that there is simply too much evidence that the Manaba are a risk to the galaxies and the Citadel. The krogan are disgusting savages, no more intellectual than common varren, or at least I believe. They could not possibly conceive a scheme to turn us on the manaba. Therefore, we must move forward with the assassination, and for that matter, eliminate any religious figureheads and symbols too, to further discourage them from stepping out of line. Suppressing their fanatical religion would be a perfect counter against their disloyalty to the Council and other Citadel races.

"We must show the manaba that they must bend to our will if they seek the salvation from the rachni that we can provide them. As they are practically a homeless race, we should allow them to be refugees on all colonies in Citadel Space, but must not trust them with weapons, as we cannot risk the opportunity of an uprising. So we remove them from the Citadel military, and disallow their purchase of weaponry."

"We should harness the raw, savage fury of the massive krogan army presently, for the purpose of defeating the rachni, but then we must put them down like the mad dogs they are, trap them on their homeworld, and wipe out the remainders of their 17,000-strong force and the Overlord. We will have the animosity of these two races, but the krogan will be trapped on Tuchanka if we deprive them of the technology that we initially provided them, as they cannot build their own ships. As for the manaba, well, if the actions that I suggested previously take effect, we shall ensure that they never question the Council again. All of this may seem...harsh, but you know as well as I do that this is necessary for the preservation of the universe."

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Telia Millangada

Telia paused. She was impressed at the wisdom of the military and political advice a civilian was giving. Telia looked at him. "What you speak is wisdom. I had planned peaceful negotiation, for the public's sake, but the idea of warfare I like. By eliminating the manaban religion we eliminate their drive, their energy. It is crude and cultural genocide. But after five hundred years as a commando, you either learn to make tough decisions or you die trying to be a noble hero in an corrupt world. I like you Lieph. With the manaba culturaly destroyed, then that leaves the krogan. Their disintegration will remove a larger share from our forces, but their vacancy can be supplemented with the dezba or rhooks. I see potential in both, mainly the rhooks. They are civilized, unlike the dezba. The dezba would've continued their clan infighting for millennia more had we not intervened. But this assassination is still on my mind. Why would the manaba go for a krogan advisor? It makes little sense to me."

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Tyrin Lieph The asari had taken his bait. Tyrin was consumed with pleasure, content, and gleeful enthusiasm. The gears were finally beginning to turn as they were meant to.

"My theory is that paranoia fueled this attempted assassination. The Manaban Emperor was aware that the krogan were attempting a hostile take over of the Citadel military and he disapproved of that. I believe he was planning to use his soldiers in our military to stage a coup and promote himself as leader of the Council."

"On replacing the krogan, you are right, the rhooks shall serve as perfect pawns for our military. The dezba are very much a wild card though. As long as we keep their population in check, so they never try any uprisings, they shall make fine soldiers as well. I understand any displeasure you or the public may have on suppressing the manaba, but extremist religions are a threat to the sanctity of the civil universe. In due time, we may allow them to begin worshipping again... But we shall ensure that it never gets out of hand. I believe that we need Roraan to complete this trio, so that the Council may reach an official consensus. Could you contact him, madame Councilor?"


Telia Millangada

"Your predictions are likely correct. The rhooks are our best bet and the dezba will not try an uprising. They live lives shorter than salarians and are not unified. Even on the Citadel and in the military they work in clans, attacking outsiders. I believe they will destroy themselves in time. Lieph, you have helped change the course of history. The manaba's religion shall be crushed and the krogan will be ravaged. I will try to contact Roraan. You may make a fine Councilor one day yourself Tyrin. I will make further contact when Roraan is available."

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Tyrin Lieph And so, with a few words between an asari and a salarian, the universe's tide was shifted forever. Tyrin felt this power. It was glorious.

"I take it he's busy putting the beginning of our plans into action? Very well then, Councilor. I look forward to speaking with you again. And by the way Telia, I prefer to be called by my first name." He strolled into the elevator and returned to the streets of the Presidium. Rather than take the Transit, he chose to walk down the Presidium, take the long way home. He carefully thought out how he would go about his plan when he arrived at home. He hoped that his son's wife would be out somewhere, so he could do his work undisturbed. Tyrin was glad that he and Telia had agreed on the course of action. Seeing those zealots and savages fall would be a delight for him.

Tyrin finally arrived at his home; Foran's wife wasn't to be seen. Tyrin pulled out his pistol and entered his son's vacant home. He found the clutch of eggs Foran's wife had laid, and he did what he had to do to ensure the end of the Lieph family line, to prevent further needless agony and misery. Tyrin shot and destroyed all of the eggs, sweat and tears were pouring down his face as he did so. If his son ever found out what he was doing, what he had done before...well he he probably couldn't hate him more than he already did. "I love you Foran,", he whispered to himself. "You will be the last Lieph to die in vain..."

Tyrin's mind wound back decades and decades as he attempted to sleep off the concern within his mind. He tossed and turned on his cot as his experiences and actions from many years ago came rushing back. He recalled the rachni tearing his grandfather apart at first contact, and his father in the war that was resulting from his grandfather's discovery; he recalled his becoming a fugitive to evade the fate of being shredded by rachni that his father and his father's father had been forsaken with. One of his sole regrets was his destroying of his own clutch, after he had lost all faith and hope when he witnessed his love Loma's death on a news channel. He had just stared at the walls of his home for ten straight minutes, paralyzed in shock and awe. He had then pulled out a pistol and blasted at the incubator that contained his ripe-for-hatching offspring. He had spared one sole egg, from which Foran had emerged several hours later.

He felt as if the quiet tears that streamed down his face when he destroyed his own clutch as he had destroyed Foran's were still on his face, remnants of the past. Eventually, after further depressing reflection upon the actions that led to this day, he succumbed to the allure of deep sleep, but there was nothing to comfort him in within it.


Halak Marr

Marr awoke in the office on his desk. He could not recall what had happened before, but then he saw a bill and remembered the asari hooker who had been with him last night. He fell to the ground, barely able to stand from his massive hangover. He flicked on the news reports. A volus reporter appeared on screen. "I'm Solack Drev. This just in from the War on Ragnora. Sources report the slaying of a Rachni Queen and civil war between the Council's invasion forces. It can be seen through a gruesome video posted on the extranet from a batarian soldier's helmetcam. In this footage, we see a dezba clan killing and eating a clan of Gradorm Krogans, after which a salarian, likely stepping in to stop the madness, was also murdered and eaten along with his squad in the twelve minute video that has already had over fifty million hits. Viewers be warned, the video is extremely graphic. We have also confirmed that the first salarian to die was son of Council advisor, Tyrin Lieph. Due to the dezba's tribal nature, no representitive of the dezba clan that was responsible for this, the Derishama clan, has been able to answer for this atrocity. We here at Presidium News Network would like to give tribute and express our sorrow for the Lieph family and the families of all the salarian soldiers killed in this savage act."

Marr turned off the channel. "Didn't even offer anything for us. Typical council bastards," Marr whispered under his breath. Marr prepared to contact Kurvok. This event would not be pleasing to him.

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"Bing!", the oven went. Kurvok growled, and slowly got up. He was getting too old for walking even a few feet. Kurvok opened the oven door, and grabbed some Varren meat. Not the Citadel "fish-dog fresh food" meat. He hated that. He sat down, poured himself another cup of stimulant, and turned on the TV. It wasn't on the late night junk anymore. PNN was on. "I'm Solack Drev. This just in from the War on Ragnora. Sources report the slaying of a Rachni Queen and civil war between the council's invasion forces. It can be seen through a gruesome video posted on the extranet from a batarian soldier's helmetcam. Here we see a dezba clan killing and eating a clan of Gradorm Krogans. After this, a salarian, who was likely stepping in to stop the madness, was also murdered and eaten along with his squad in the twelve minute video, that has already had over fifty million hits. Viewers be warned, the video is extremely graphic. We have also confirmed that the first salarian to die was son of council advisor, Tyrin Lieph. Due to the the dezba's tribal nature, no representative of the dezba clan who was responsible for this, the Derishama clan, has been able to answer for this atrocity. We here at Presidium News Network would like to give tribute and express our sorrow for the Lieph family and the families of all salarian soldiers that were killed in this savage act."

Kurvok sighed. He chugged his stimulant drink and took a bite of his meat, and then changed the channel. It was an Elcor.

Kurvok turned the Holo TV off. He took small bites of the Varren meat. It was delicious, and he wasn't going to just eat it up like others. He would indulge in each bite. He was just about to finish, when Kurvok's comm beeped on his desk.

"AGH!", he yelled to himself, and grabbed the comm. "Kurvok speaking."



Roraan Fretly

Roraan arrived in the council chambers. He knew that he was supposed to speak with his colleague, but he hoped his confidante had provided one of his ideas, as apparently Telia had called upon Tyrin's assistance during his absence. Roraan walked calmly as he feared a passerby might notice if one of the most famous and important people on the citadel has a worried expression written on their face. After casually walking for what seemed like an eternity, he finally entered the Council chambers. "So sorry, Telia. I didn't mean to take so long to get here," he quickly set down his things. "I was informed that Tyrin discussed these matters with you the other day, did he provide any problem solving ideas?"



Telia Millangada

"Indeed he did, Roraan. Tyrin provided much needed advice, cultural genocide in fact. And while it seems harsh, we need to follow. By eliminating the manaban religion, we will destroy their culture and strike a blow greater than possible to their pysche. They will live in our colonies without weapons. The krogan will be deprived of technology and left on Tuchanka. The rhooks will bolster our forces and serve as obedient pawns. And we will keep the dezban population under control whilst we continue to use them. Restricting their population growth will be easy due to their low birth rates and short lives. Tyrin was of great help... I was contemplating war with the manaba after their attempted assassination. Poor man, Tyrin. Lost his son if you saw Presidium News, it was captured on tape. His son was killed, mutilated, and eaten by the dezba. They even showed it on the news. I feel sorry for him."

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Roraan Fretly

"Oh my," Roraan said, he felt bad as he didn't even know his assistant had a son. "That does sound like a good plan," Roraan said, pausing for several seconds. "How do we plan to destroy their religion, though?" Roraan said, he knew that someone's own faith was the hardest thing to destroy. After being seated, he began to talk about Tyrin again, "So it was on the news? I know the station's here cover a lot of brutal stories, but they've never shown one." Roraan still couldn't believe it. Being a politician himself, he felt that he had some sense of control on the news stations, but this proved otherwise.



Telia Millangada

"Yeah it was. The dezba impaled him on a spear, ripped off his head, drank his blood as it came out of his neck like a fountain, then roasted him with inceindiary ammo and ate him. All of it was shown on tape. Quite gruesome. As for the manaba. I did some research on their religious beliefs. They believe in their capital of Krulus Mor there is a tomb of a 'pure' manaban, one who died before the uprising. They call it the Tomb of the Virtuous, and believe that their god blessed it. As well, when they die the manaban resting in the tomb, the Virtuous, judges them. Destruction of the tomb will destroy their very faith itself, as they believe divine power made the tomb immortal. Order our men to destroy it and their faith will come crashing down."

Foxtrot12 18:11, August 10, 2010 (UTC)


Roraan Fretly

Roraan had a sick feeling rise in his stomach. He knew the dezba were animals, but they were becoming worse. He knew they would need to learn a lesson due to their constant, terrible acts. "That sounds like a great plan. We need to be covert, though, if any of those damn activists catch wind of this, our careers are dead." Roraan couldn't believe he had just uttered those words again. In all his years, he never expected to be a councilman in charge of so many lives. "How do we plan to do this anyway?" he asked, he knew they could send a large team and do it by force, but that would draw too much attention. A small team would be able to do it much more efficiently.



Telia Millangada

"If the rachni have not already destroyed the tomb, which is unlikely as it lies one mile west of Krulus Mor on a mountaintop, then we can have a black-ops team infiltrate the mountains and covertly execute the operation. Our army is preparing to lay seige to Krolus Mor. This would provide the perfect cover for the infiltration. Or we could suffice through an orbital bombardment or a missile strike. And tape needs to capture it to show the tomb's destruction to the manaba. But we have a choice. Destroy their cuture publicly and make them fear us, or destroy it quietly and appear to harbor them. I just don't know. Publicly could lead to retaliation, but the fear and cultural aftershock might prevent it. But by harboring them they will not see us as a large authority. I still don't know."

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Tyrin Lieph Tyrin awoke with a heavy conscience weighing down upon him. He was anticipating the day his soul could be laid to rest, the day his aching heart stopped beating and he could finally be at peace. However, it seemed like he was cursed to carry his guilt for many years, as he was an anomaly among his people for surviving almost three decades past their average lifespan. At the age of 67, Tyrin still felt as fit as he was the day he enlisted. He was convinced that he possessed some genetic defect that had been inherited. His father and grandfather wouldn't have known about this condition as they died so young.

He turned on the television; he could not believe what he was seeing, what he was hearing... "It has been confirmed that the first salarian to die was the son of a Council Advisor, Foran Lieph." The footage on the news report showed his son being killed by a dezba, who had then ripped off his head and drank his blood. "My son... goes to war...and is killed by soldiers serving alongside him? I will have this dezba given the ultimate punishment for what he has done... I will avenge you, Foran, and perhaps make myself better in your eyes..."

He proceeded to the Citadel Tower, where he found Telia and Roraan. "I want that Derishama bastard brought to justice! I demand that he be discharged and executed for his war crimes!", he bellowed to the Councilors.

Lovelyb0nes 22:49, August 10, 2010 (UTC)


Telia Millangada

Telia looked at Tyrin. No doubt he had seen what had happened at the hands of those savages. Telia also felt guilt knowing that she had personally hired Takavor and his clan, and had thus inadvertently sentenced Tyrin's son to death. He could never know. Yet she had to bring Takavor in. Kurvok had made an angry call about Takavor as well. "Tyrin, I share your remorse and sorrow. Your child would have had a council attended funeral and be honored in every way, buried with heroes of this war. If we only had a body to lay to rest. But I assure you Tyrin. You will stand with us, the councilors, when Chieftan Takavor Derishama is brought to justice for the murder of your son and his squad and several dozen Gradorm krogans. I promise you that."

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Tyrin Lieph With the words finally out of his mouth, and Telia's soothing voice promising him retribution, Tyrin began to regain his senses. "I see that Roraan has returned. Have you two been discussing what Telia and I spoke of last night? If so, it is time for the three of us to reach an official consensus, and begin putting our plans into action. In the wake of a political conflict and a trial to distract the public, now would be an excellent time to strike."

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Takavor Derishama

Two days ago, Takavor had been summoned here to answer for killing the salarian's son. Takavor still had the head and had cut open the artery to make it bleed. He faced the council and their advisor. One looked angry, probably the salarian's father. He stuck his spear firmly in the ground and looked at the trio. "I am Takavor Derishama, chieftain of Derishama," he yelled, his voice echoing. Telia looked at him.

"I believe you know why you are present here, chieftain."

"Ah yes, the death of the advisor's son." Takavor pulled the salarian's head from his robe. One salarian looked at him in horror as he threw the head at his feet. Blood covering the floor. The salarian looked at him. Takavor stared back. "He was delicious."

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Kurvok stood, unscathed by what he had just seen.

"Enough with the mush, dezba. I just very recently praised your kind's cunning in battle, but I take back every word I ever said about your kind. You are held responsible for the murder of salarians, and multiple krogans of the Gradorm tribe. Not only was that salarian a valuable soldier, he was the son of this advisor. He was Foran Lieph. You are also responsible for the deaths of 32 Gradorm. Gradorm Krog, Gradorm Forz, Gradorm Jax, Captain Gradorm Fubar, Gradorm Lork, and many more whose families have chosen for them not to be named, along with multiple others. The charges for this are massive, scum."



Narra Locith

The holographic projector was a sea of salt and pepper, awash as the static struggled to form the shape of something recognizable. It took a few minutes adjusting the dials and the controls, but Narra was eventually able to form the semblance of a steady signal. His communications suite was state of the art, but he lamented the inability of his smaller vessel to mount larger and more sophisticated transmission hardware, equipment that would allow instantaneous and consistently stable contact with the Citadel. As it was, he had to make do with what he had, and he was grateful that he was even able to form a connection without the assistance of a communications bouy.

The image eventually resolved into the grainy form of what Narra recognized as an asari virtual intelligence; it stared at him. Roraan was unavailable. He would try again the next day.

InfernalWarrior [ talk ]


Takavor looked at the crowd. "What I did was in self defense. I killed the fucking Rachni Queen. That saved us all. But some krogan unwilling to retreat died when I brought the temple down on that bitch. So their clanmates attacked me. I emerged the better warrior. And Lieph. Your son shot me. An act of aggression. I gave him what he brought upon himself. I hold no remorse and make no apologies. They failed to prove themselves the better warrior. And they paid the price. I kill a fucking Rachni queen and you take me from the fight. Call it war crimes. For eliminating those stupid enough to attack me. Is a favor to the galaxy. Your son and the krogans were fools. They paid the price. I need not justify it. I need no advocate or lawyer. I rest my case."

Foxtrot12 01:15, August 11, 2010 (UTC)


Tyrin Lieph

His rage began to boil over within his body, but Tyrin kept his composure. "I saw what my son was doing in that video, dezba. He was merely trying to get your attention. You were ignoring him. When he fired at you, he was not making an act of aggression, but you attacked anyway. You killed him in cold blood. For that, you must be punished. Must we allow this facade of a trial to continue? May I be the one to kill him, Councilors?" The Councilors dismissed his question, saying he had to finish his argument first. Tyrin had been pulsing with rage at the dezba as he defended his actions. He could not forgive the bastard for taking Foran's life. "What the krogans did was foolish, for killing them, you can be forgiven, but you still killed an entire salarian squad without provocation. That is a crime that can only be paid for with your blood, savage."

Lovelyb0nes 01:32, August 11, 2010 (UTC)


"It matters not who he killed. He still killed dozens of krogans, and a squad of salarians! He took numerous valuable lives. I say we have his head!", Kurvok yelled.

The Councilors muttered in agreement.



Takavor looked at the salarian and decided to save his spear. "Your son should have known not to shoot a dezba. A bullet to the shoulder is not a way to get the attention of a warrior without becoming a target. He was the chieftain of his squad. They were to follow and to avenge him. We prevented that and if they were not loyal to their chieftan. Then they deserved death. You allowed your son to come here. To Ragnora. You should not have allowed him, the weak to enlist and travel to a place that only accepts the strong. But the weak served their purpose and made a fine meal for me and my men. But I decided to out of kindess bring the head back to daddy. As a memento of the Rachni Wars and of your son. Be grateful. For the head is the best part-" Foxtrot12 01:47, August 11, 2010 (UTC)


Tyrin Lieph

Tyrin interrupted the savage, his temper now flaring with the intensity of a supernova. "I did not allow him to come there. His fate was of his own accord." Tyin could not conceal his rage any longer. He pulled his pistol out of his robes and fired two shots into the savage's skull. The sick bastard dropped dead onto the Council chamber's floor. "There, he is dead, his debt has been repaid, I hope you're as satisfied as I am, Kurvok. When I think about it, the savage was right about one thing...the head is the best part. For aiming at least... Come Councilors Telia and Roraan, we have far more important matters to discuss."

Lovelyb0nes 02:03, August 11, 2010 (UTC)


Takavor Derishama

Takavor was thrown to the ground. But the strength of the dezba was strong enought to keep him alive for a few seconds longer. He stood up. "You fucking bastard!" he screamed, before throwing his spear. It glided a little to high but it cut off one of Lieph's horn-like muscle structures on top of his head. Due to the design of the blade it would be unattachable. Lieph dropped in pain. Takavor then threw his sword through the air into the upper stomach of councilor Millangada, two inchs above the breast. It went in six inches. Takavor was now under fire. But rage was a hell of a painkiller. Using his pistol he put another round in Lieph, this time to the leg. He began firing upon the krogans, a futile endeavor. A round struck Kurvok's chest and a second round crumpled against Marr's helmet. His erratic firing also managed to kill three security guards. Not until seven seconds into the ordeal did the wounded Lieph fired again. Blood splattered. Takavor looked down to see a massive hole in his chest. Blood pouring out on his hands. His organs spilling on the floor. He dropped and in his last dying breath muttered in the old language, the rightful last words of any dezba. "Damn the gods. For we have become them." Then blackness. Blood continued to gush out his stomach's contents as well. Pieces of Foran Lieph and other salarians joined the growing blue pool.

Takavor Derishama, chieftain of the Derishama clan, was finally dead.



Tyrin Lieph

Tyrin awoke in a hospital bed several hours after the trial of the dezban criminal. He remembered that the dezba had survived his attack, and in return attacked him, Telia and the Krogans before he shot the dezba a third time, finally killing him and avenging Foran. His troubled mind, when he was concerned that imminent death was upon him when Takavor arose after being shot in the face, had returned the haunting recollection that had plagued him after he'd destroyed Foran's clutch. He recalled his wife's death at the hands of the soldiers that were rampaging through the colony, searching for his refuge, which was actually outside the city limits. In the footage that the news station had played, she was already on the city's outskirts, darting through the trees, when she suddenly collapsed, her body had been torn apart by a hail of gunfire. Her blood had seeped into the soil, nourishing the soft grasses around her body.

A few days after her death, the soldiers came upon his residence, and set up a barricade outside. When there were only a few, he stuck his body out the window and killed them with headshots, but was forced to tak cover when more arrived. He remembered staring lovingly into his sole newborn's eyes, and then pressing a pistol barrel to his soft skull, bellowing to the soldiers outside, threatening to take Foran's life and his own if the soldiers did not relinquish within 48 hours. That tense situation had gone on for several unbearable hours until a compromise was forged with the salarian Councilor. He had many experiences with all manner of species as a fugitive, and had developed strong negotiation skills to complement his STG training. He had been forced into service as a diplomat in exchange for a pardon. Tyrin and Foran's lives began anew on the Citadel, and his plan for infiltrating the political atmosphere had its inception.

Out of any and all of his actions, the deaths of his fellow STG servicemen when they had refused to allow him to flee their ship, and those of his and Foran's clutches, were the closest to being regretted. Such a waste of valuable lives...

He was grateful that the ordeal with Takavor was over with...and looked forward to getting back to destroying the manaban culture and ending the Rachni War. Suddenly he was contacted by his son's widow, who had just returned from an offworld trip. She told him that she had found her egg clutch destroyed. Tyrin thought about this... "Perhaps I can use this to further damage the savages," he mumbled to himself. He tried to sound weary and frail as he spoke, to emphasize the damage the dezba had done to him. "The dezba must have destroyed your clutch in retaliation... I had one of their clan chieftains executed several hours ago for killing Foran."

"Foran's DEAD?", she wailed.

"I'm sorry Mia...I will contact the Councilors immediately for a discussion." He shut off his OSD, and then finally noticed that Telia was in the next bed. "Councilor Telia", he whispered.

She quickly woke up. "What?"

"Have Roraan come here immediately. The dezba have retaliated against Takavor's death."

Lovelyb0nes 03:21, August 11, 2010 (UTC)


Telia Millangada

Telia awoke by Tyrin's voice. That dezba was strong; she looked to see a massive hole in her chest. 500 years of service and she had not gotten a scar this big. An asari walked in, a lieutenant, the same matron that had reported to her when the manaba tried to kill Marr. "There has been retaliation by the Dezba indeed," she said. 'You two have been here for seventeen hours. In that time, the dezba have turned the lower wards into a war zone, and have ferociously decimated the tower. There have been seven dozen shootings, all targeting asari and salarians, with over five hundred casualties for both races. As well, several parts of the wards have been taken over by dezba who are trying to avenge their 'high chieftan's' death. More than three hundred hostages are being held, and more security and hostages are dying by the second. The dezba have been sadistically torturing survivors and eating the flesh of the dead. They assaulted the citadel tower looking for you and the council an hour ago with three hundred men. Searching for you all. You are in a hospital ship orbiting the Citadel disguised as a merchant freighter. We are trying to find all your families as they are also targets. Tyrin, we can't find your son's wife. Just relax both of you, councilor Roraan is on his way."

She finished her explanation of the situation and walked out. Telia looked at Tyrin. "Over one thousand men, women, and children. Dead, tortured, and eaten. What have we done?"

Foxtrot12 03:42, August 11, 2010 (UTC)


"Over one thousand men women and children, dead, tortured, and eaten... What have we done?"

Tyrin immediately snapped at the asari, "You know it was necessary Telia! Now we have full justification for the actions that we have to take. The dezba must be exterminated. My suggestion would be an electro-magnetic organic purge bombing of the Citadel. No damage to the station, all we have to do is evacuate those still aboard. If the worst comes to pass, then we'll sacrifice the civilians left on the station. It is time for those savages to die out. Do you not agree with me, Telia?"

Lovelyb0nes 18:01, August 11, 2010 (UTC)


Narra Locith

The holographic projector was a sea of salt and pepper, awash as the static struggled to form the shape of something recognizable. It took a few minutes adjusting the dials and the controls, but Narra was eventually able to form the semblance of a steady signal. His communication suite was state of the art, but he lamented the inability of his smaller vessel to mount larger and more sophisticated transmission hardware, equipment that would allow instantaneous and consistently stable contact with the Citadel. As it was, he had to make do with what he had, and he was grateful that he was even able to form a connection without the assistance of a communications buoy.

The image eventually resolved into the grainy form of what Narra recognized as an asari virtual intelligence; it stared at him with its soulless eyes for a few seconds as Narra's ship and the Citadel systems synchronized. With a smile, the VI said, "Welcome to the Citadel Extranet Information Network. How may I direct your query? You may enter a response verbally or through your omni-tool-"

"Override code star-beta-four-eight-gamma," Narra interupted. The VI paused midsentence and processed his command; before she could continue, though, Narra said, "Check phrase: Knowledge is power, guard it well."

The VI processed his words and he waited impatiently, but after a few seconds, it responded. "Override command acknowledged. Input orders, Operative 532."

"Connect me with control. Priority alpha."

"Working," was the VI's response and Narra cursed the software's slowness. Even though it took only a handful of seconds for the order to be processed, Narra felt as if it had been hours. Finally, it transferred him.

The virtual intelligence's image dissolved into a hail of snow, and Narra saw the distinct double-horns of a fellow Salarian. Narra read the tiredness in the slump in his shoulders and the irritation in his nasally voice. "532, do you have a report? Make it quick."

"I was hoping to speak to Councilor Roraan," Narra said.

"You think you're the only one who wants to talk to the Councilor?" The salarian shrugged and began to read from a data slate. "You're talking to me, 532. If you don't like it, you can take your report elsewhere. Maybe C-Sec will care."

Narra narrowed his eyes, but he wasn't sure that the projector was catching such fine resolutions, so he infused his words with ice. "I don't have time for your games, Durin. Councilor Roraan requested to speak with me. Patch me through to the Council. Don't make me turn your brains to mush with my biotics."

Durin laughed mirthlessly at Narra's threats. "Save it, 532. The Councilor requests to speak with a lot of people. You're not unique. The Council is busy dealing with more important matters, such as figuring out how to deal with the threats posed by the manaba and dezba. You can leave your report with me. Otherwise, clear the channels."

Narra bristled at the salarian's tone and disinterest in his situation, but he knew that what Durin had said was true. The rachni were an unrelenting tide, rolling over much of the Citadel's defensive forces, and the Council was scrambling to deal with the threat; Narra did not doubt that dozens of reports of varying degrees of severity vied for the Council's attention. Swallowing some of his anger and bruised ego, Narra acquiesced. "You win this time, Durin. I'll deliver my report through the back channels."

"Whatever. The Council can take care of you once you breach protocol like that," he said offhandedly.

"Yeah, well screw you too." Narra gave him a rude gesture, not caring if the projector picked it up. Durin's image flickered and disappeared; the VI's annoyingly cheerful face emerged from the hail of static. "Hack through the fire walls and connect me to the Citadel Council via the back channels."

"Understood, Operative 532." The VI whirred for a moment. "Attempt to hack successful. Please begin transmission now."

Narra took a deep breath, letting it out slowly as he gathered his thoughts and mentally prepared for his report to the Council. "This is Operative 532," Narra began, "reporting from the Reya System, Horse Head Nebula. You requested to speak to me about deploying my team to deal with the pest control problem posed by the Manaban Emperor." InfernalWarrior [ talk ]


Roraan Fretly

Roraan sat in his chambers, he had previously requested a salarian's assistance with the Manaban Emperor and he didn't know if the man would even show up. The information he gave the operative was vague, just enough for him to draw enough of a conclusion that he needed to kill some. Though now the plan had changed, they now knew that destroying their religion itself would, in a way, destroy the figurehead as well. He hoped that if he was contacted, that the operative would carry out the task as given and not worry about the emperor.

Just as Roraan was about to rise from his seat, he heard a ding from his video-comm. He look behind his shoulder and saw the operative, Narra, looking at him. "Ah, Narra, I see that the job I hated for you piqued your interests. I must warn you, though, that the plan has changed from when I last contacted you. I hope you don't mind," Roraan said, he began to pace across the room, hoping the comm channel was clear enough for them to hear each other.



Tikrog Kurvok

Tikrog walked back to his room. He took off his chest armor, and growled.

"Rawwrg... You bastard dezba. I'll have all your species' heads for damaging my armor."

Kurvok looked at his armor. There was a scorch mark in his armor, with a huge dent. It must've been a concussive shot, for the dent to be that extensive. Kurvok stuck his finger in the dent, and there was a very small hole.

Kurvok growled, and looked down at his bare chest, dappled with marks, scars, and burns. In the center of his chest, there was a large bruise.

"AAGH! Curse you, you fucking dezba." Kurvok opened a closet door, and grabbed his helmet and spare set of armor. It was a collapsible helmet. He put it on, and just left his face visible, hiding his head crest. He looked at his burnt set of armor. A trip to Tuchanka would be needed. Then he looked at his spare.

Kurvok took a transport to the Presidium hospital with a nervous salarian. Kurvok tipped him well, and forced a smile, and then walked in. He took an elevator up to the top floor, and walked in. He saw a sleeping Tyrin Lieph, and a sleeping Telia Millangada, but walked on. After passing a few others that survived the incident, he came over to Marr's bed. He saw Marr's helmet. It was ruined. He looked at Marr, who was dead asleep. His head crest had a concave, and the concave was purple.



Halak Marr

Marr awoke to see Kurvok in the room. He straightened himself and looked at him. "That fucking dezba," he moaned.

Kurvok nodded. 'Rest," he said as Marr fell asleep.

He woke up a day later in his office. He flicked on the television to Presidium News and saw Solack Drev. "Hello everyone, and welcome to Presidium News, I'm Solack Drev. The council has reported success in removing the dezba insurgency in the wake of high chieftan Takavor Derishama's death. This comes after nearly a day of dezba attacks all over the citadel. Cleanup efforts are beginning and a memorial is being planned. Civilians can now return to their homes. However, be advised. The council has listed the following wards unsafe and still at risk of dezba. Return at your own risk: Oonacki, Serolcult, Derizas, Moonab Tor, and Feroks wards are considered unsafe especially if you are an asari or salarian."

Marr shut off the news. The dezba had a deep hatred for the council races but no one else. Marr thought about this and hatched a plan. By hiding dezba on a remote planet in the tuchanka system with orders to wait until contacted, in order to build an army that hungered for revenge, they could be made a valuable force. He started making calls and got all of the Derishama clan 'transferred' by taking identities and forced the pilots to let them off near Tuchanka where he sent them orders. He waited two days until the dezba responded back and agreed to his plan. Then Marr made another move. He knew the science of resurrection was becoming popular for the wealthy who missed their loved ones. And Marr had plenty of money from selling weak krogan slaves. He made transactions till he had a team of scientists and one body, that of Takavor Derishama's. He would want revenge on the council and would lead the dezba again. He would be resurrected in around several centuries' time. Marr moved the project to his clan base on Tuchanka and sealed records. When the rebellions started, Kurvok would thank him. Until then no one could know.

Foxtrot12 02:06, August 12, 2010 (UTC)



Kurvok landed a transport in the Moonab Tor wards. He took out an M-1 Carnifex Hand Cannon, the first Carnifex in a long line of them.

Kurvok chambered a bullet into his pistol. They would call this the Kurvok massacre. It would be great! Kurvok stepped out, and there was a dezba watching the news.


The dezba yelled, and then turned around.

"You are a krogan. I hate your cowardly-"

There was a bang, a flash, and then a pool of blood.

Kurvok walked up to a cafe to get some coffee.

"I'll have a stimulant drink to go, please. With extra energizer thingies."

A dezba walked up behind Kurvok.

"Give me your money."

Kurvok chugged his drink, made a fist, and threw his hand back, slamming into the Dezba's face. The Dezba crumpled.

This was going to be fun.



Halak Marr

Marr looked out at the presidium from the embassy window. Security had tightened since the dezba militias tried to seize the tower. A squad of salarian or asari security was on every corner. All over the citadel the dezba were public enemies. There were retaliation shootings all over the wards targeting dezba. The citadel was under martial law. And to Marr's notice the shooters in anti dezba attacks were now being treated as heroes. Marr was convinced his plans would work one day and the dezba would return as pawns for the krogan, and then wiped out by the new galactic overlords, the krogan. Marr flipped back on Presidium News. Pictures and videos of dezba being executed were being shown. Some were tied and blindfolded, then shot dead by firing teams. Others were not lucky enough for a blindfold. Then another case turned on. "I'm Solack Drev. We have confirmed over three dozen dezba have been killed and the number is increasing by the minute in the Moonab Tor wards. We have not confirmed the identity of the shooter but we can confirm he is a krogan." Marr paused when he saw a video of Kurvok shooting up a ward killing multitudes of dezba. It was not gonna be easy in a few centuries when he saw Takavor and an army of dezba. Marr already dreaded the day.

Foxtrot12 03:12, August 12, 2010 (UTC)


"RAAAAH!", Kurvok yelled. He was in a blood rage, and there were pools of blood and dead dezba everywhere. There was one dezba with a weapon, but the rest were hiding, dead, or trying to gather.

"I. AM. KROGAAAAAAN!", Kurvok yelled. He ran up to a dezba, body slammed him, and he fell to the ground. Kurvok turned, shot the dezba with the weapon, and then started bashing the dezba's head in with the grip of his pistol. Kurvok turned around, and suddenly all the food vendors had their shutters down, and all the stores were barred.

Kurvok laughed.

He conserved his ammo whenever he saw a salarian or an asari running away; but whenever he saw a dezba, he shot it.

Kurvok saw a dezba with a gun, a missile launcher. Kurvok smiled. He saw the shot come at him, and he sidestepped it. The missile's contact with the ward corridors caused immense fire damage. He yelled, and then fired five shots into the dezba's stomach, and one into his head, when a door opened behind him. There was a squad of C-Sec Rapid Response Tactical Unit, the (RRTU), the Citadel's SWAT, and they had their weapons raised.

"Krogan, put down your-"

The salarian captain froze as he realized who he was talking to.



Narra Locith

"Ah, Narra, I see that the job I have for you has piqued your interest. I must warn you; though, that the plan has changed since the last time that I contacted you. I hope you don't mind." The holographic image of Councilor Roraan bowed his head, folding his robed arms across his chest.

"Thank you for requesting me, Councilor," Narra said. The briefing room, which contained his state of the art communications suite, was dark; the only light was provided by the central holographic projector and the large projector representing the salarian Councilor. Narra was seated around the central display, as was the rest of the operatives that made up his squad, who were all either asari commandos or salarian members of the Special Tasks Groups, or STG. "I am relieved that my squad commands so much respect among the Council so as to be picked for this prestigious assignment. What exactly are the details of my assignment?"

InfernalWarrior [ talk ]


It had turned out that an organic purge bombing was unnecessary. All it took to seize back the Citadel from the savages was the effort of asari commandos and Salarian STG officers, with some help from C-Sec. This proved their species' ability to work together under high pressure. Tyrin was proud of his former comrades; he strongly dismissed the STG that he had served under for their tendency to distrust other races, which was foolish and risky in his opinion. Tyrin's blood was steaming with fury over the travesties that the savages had committed. He had been told to "take it easy for a few days" while his leg fully recovered, but he had rejected this, stating "Politics doesn't stop for one man, or for any man. Politics doesn't stop, period. Therefore, I cannot stop for even a single moment." He had contacted Telia and Roraan; they would meet in three days time to discuss a punishment for the Dezban people, and the destruction the of the tomb of Krulus Mor. Roraan was currently arranging the assassination of the Manaban Emperor. The dezba wiped out and the manaba living in fear, his body quaked with pleasure at such prospects...

Lovelyb0nes 01:02, August 13, 2010 (UTC)


Ambassador Kurvok

Kurvok shook his head.

"I am sorry for the confusion. They deserved what they got. They shot up almost every single councilor along with Lieph. I had some anger to get out. But it is all said and done."

The salarian nodded.

"If you were a Councilor, and not a krogan, the paparazzi would have your head. But we expect this from a krogan. So go. Get out of here."

Kurvok walked out, and went for a coffee.

He grabbed one, and chugged it. He saw a newscast, and sat down to watch. "Welcome to Citadel Headline News. I'm Solack Drev, reporting for Rega Gre. Last night, multiple videos hit the internet with reports of a krogan massacring dezba. We have several videos, from security cameras, to people inside stores with recorder cameras. Here's a video we found today. We have not yet identified the krogan, but C-Sec RRTU has taken him into custody. They know his identity. Be aware though, this video is extremely graphic."

A shaky camera behind one of the barred walls of a store were filming Kurvok as he put a shot into a dezba, crawling for his life. It showed him scream into the air, and turn around, and shoot a dezban female.

Then the scene changed to a security camera, high res, showing Kurvok punching out a Dezba. The scene changed back to Solack Drev. "Now we understand the krogan has not been identified, but stay on this channel, because we are working as hard as we can to identify this krogan. We'll be right back after these messages."

Then it went to a commercial about how to make a krogan's skin look as smooth as an asari's. Pathetic, Kurvok thought. He got up from his seat, and walked off to see a salarian playing some kind of instrument inside a fence to prevent from anyone getting in and ruining the instrument. The ward Kurvok was in had a wondrous view of the Presidium. He walked off, and was going to a shuttle. He wanted a whiff of that wondrous, foul, musty, Tuchanka air. He could contact Marr on the way there.


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