The Soldiers of Salvation are a multi-species allegiance made up of agents with unquestionable loyalty to the politician Tyrin Lieph .


The Soldiers of Salvation were founded in the year 70 CE, by Tyrin Lieph on his 54th birthday. He had determined that if he was going to preserve universal sanctity as a politician, he would need a network of loyal comrades to provide support. When Tyrin announced his formation of the Soldiers, twelve of his closest friends immediately volunteered to enlist, and some became the first leaders of the various sectors within the S of S, including Nikhail Baraat, who led the Military sector, Iletos Nariva, who led the Security sector, Shedev'Higa vas Tetro, who led the Assassination sector, and Adaria, who formed the Sisterhood of Salvation (an all-Asari chapter of the Soldiers.)

By 2 years after the Soldiers' inception, a massive number of various allies and people who served under said allies had enlisted, with the total membership equaling 450. By 80 CE, that number had grown to over 2000. The Soldiers have been involved in numerous operations and conflicts, including the manufacturing of Tyrin's mechanical army, the Siege of Krulus Mor, and the Krogan Rebellions. The Soliders of Salvation were closely allied with the Krogan Resistance Movement and later on, collaborated with the Salarian STG, and the Turian Hierarchy.

Major AchievementsEdit

The Soldiers of Salvation were involved in many universally significant missions during and after the Rachni War. By the time of the Krogan Rebellions, they had finally been forced into the public spotlight. After receiving authorization from Tyrin, an anonymous informant from inside the S of S came out about their involvement in the Destruction of the Tomb of the Virtuous, the extermination of Manaban rebels on Ragnora, and the deaths of Manaban Emperor Derimakshan and Batarian ambassador Ka'so Hensa.

Sectors and Chiefs ofEdit

Militant: 1. Nikhail Baraat 2. Morva Dervan 3. Razda'Yth vas OrwellEdit

Assassination: 1. Shedev'Higa vas Tetro 2. Narra Locith 3. Sevalaus MorkanetoEdit

Security: 1. Iletos Nariva 2. Edit


The Soldiers of Salvation provided the manpower in the numerous projects Tyrin started to combat the impending Krogan Rebellions, while he was in exile and afterward. They were involved in the construction of the first several dozen factories that manufactured his mechs, and when the Soldiers were disbanding after his death, they followed the orders he left behind and left the skeletal husks of the many mechs that were never used on the quarian home planet.

Never really liked working alongside those things anyway. Their goddamn flashlight heads really unnerve me. Good riddance, I say.
—Anonymous soldier during the dumping of the mechs.

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