The Uplifter also known as the galaxy's favorite painting or the painting that started a war, was a painting of the first Asari councilor, Alamani Retolus. Painted by Asari artist, Herus Fredlask at the time of the establishment of the Citadel Council it was presented as a gift to the councilor. It hung in the Citadel Tower for over three thousand years and became a symbol of Asari art. It was seen by many humans as the Mona Lisa of Asari art. It was estimated to have a street value of over two billion credits with sixteen attempts made to steal it. Unfortunately it was finally stolen in 2165 CE by the thief, Jackson Brumas in seventeen minutes. Brumas sold the painting for over eight billion credits to the art collector and dictator, Telius Heaf who kept it in his mansion on the planet Retulias. Its location was later revealed in 2180 CE which sparked an all out war over the painting. Known as the Uplifter War. It ended in only three months with Heaf's regime crushed and the painting once again in council hands. It however met another unfortunate change of hands in 2183 CE. During the geth attack on the Citadel where surviving security footage revealed it to be stolen by Saren's geth forces and taken into the Perseus Veil. The painting was never seen again in council space despite numerous atempts to recover it and the council posting a ten billion credit bounty on it. It was considered a galactic tragedy. An empty frame was hung by order of the council inside the Citadel Tower where it was first hung to remember it.


The theft of The Uplifter by Brumas was portrayed in the popular movie, Seventeen Minutes. Which to some extent showed the theft correctly. It was the best selling movie in five years with product grossing one point eight billion dollars. It was however banned in Asari space for 'the positive portrayal of one of the most tragic events in Asari history'.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Uplifter was based mainly on the real life painting The Storm on the Sea of Galilee which was also stolen to never be returned and had an empty frame hung in its place.

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