The protection of Andrew Jazz was a mission in which a human politician, Andrew Jazz, hired the elcor mercenary known as Kornov to protect him from two hired assassins.



Human, I must tell you that originally I had been asked to kill you.
—Kornov telling Andrew Jazz that he had been hired for the assassination.

Kornov was met by Andrew Jazz who payed him 2000 credits up front to protect him from two turian assassins that had been hired to kill him. Kornov accepted, citing the high pay as the reason. Kornov and Andrew then traveled to Earth in order for Andrew to sign the alien restriction act.


Kornov escorted Andrew to the building where the signing was to take place. One there, they were met by one of the assassins. The assassin attempted to stab Andrew but Kornov pushed him away with his forward hoof. The force of the push hurdled the turian high enough, and far enough, to where he smashed his brain. The two then proceeded inside the building. Kornov stood to the right of the politicians as they gave their speech and signed the paper. Before the last person was able to sign the treaty, he was shot in the hand. Kornov then returned fire to where he saw the assassin. Minutes later, the assassin fled the building and the final politician survived and still signed the treaty. Kornov was then escorted to the ship station where he left for the Citadel once more. Where, on arrival, he began hiring scientists to find a way to increase his muscle mass.

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