The Thessian Democratic Archive Center was a vast repository of galactic information based on Thessia, the asari homeworld. Some of the asari peoples' oldest, most delicate records and artifacts were kept here and were kept under constant monitoring and care. The main central aisle of the Archive Center intersected large bookcases that spanned the hall. Often referred to as the "Gauntlet", the central aisle was easily able to inspire awe in offworld visitors. Statues of asari Matriarchs dotted the end of each bookcase, and cases of artifacts were scattered across the Archive Center.

During the Krogan Rebellions, Tela Vasir, an asari Spectre, often researched information here to assist her on the missions that the Citadel Council often assigned to her. At this time, the Thessian Democratic Archive Center was overseen by a Matriarch known as Phaela, who had gained renown as a scholar of repute.


Behind the ScenesEdit

The Thessian Democratic Archive Center was based loosely on the Jedi Temple's Archives in the Star Wars series.

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