Timothy Dagon
Biographical information
Date of birth

2130 CE

Physical description

Rear Admiral







Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information

Rear Admiral Timothy Dagon was an Alliance Rear Admiral and brilliant tactician who was most famous for leading the invasion of Halumie, a batarian colony in the Terminus systems. Born on Earth in 2130 CE, Dagon was always a patriot to humanity and earth loving everything about the home planet of humanity. He grew up with a love of strategy giving up love, family, and his soccer career to study great military leaders such as Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, George Washington, and other major leaders. He joined the Alliance at age twenty-three after getting a four-year degree in engineering. He went into officer candidate school and a year later was in charge of 475th Iron Guards on Shaxi. He remained on the planet now a major for three years until the turian invasion. He and his men held Weeping Meadow University for over thirty days on Shanxi, losing hundreds and suffering greatly. The act made him and the survivors heroes.

Now with a hate for turians he joined the Terra Firma party and participated in multiple campaigns against the batarians, whom he hated for not being humans. He famously invaded Halumie with only three thousand rangers, killing over seven thousand batarians both soldier and civilians. The act made him a hero and earned him promotion to Rear Admiral. He moved to the Citadel afterwards living on the Presidium for twelve years until Sovereign's invasion, when he was evacuated on the SSV Vicksburg.

After the invasion, he retired from the military to live on Earth, in his home town of Seattle. He lived there for two years before dyring of liver failure, mainly due to alcohol addiction that he developed due to guilt he felt when soldiers under his command died.

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