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Maybe it's not such a bad day after all.
—Timothy Reynolds upon blowing up the SSV Saratoga.

Corporal Timothy Reynolds was an Alliance Marine Biotic, and criminal on the Citadel who eventually blew up an Alliance Frigate that was under construction over Mars. He died after being shot down by Alliance fighters an hour later. Reynolds was born on the Alliance carrier, The SSV Michealangelo to a fighter pilot captain and an armory sergeant. Reynolds grew up on the Michealangelo and joined the Alliance Marines at the age of nineteen leaving the carrier for the first time in his life. He served as a marine for three years up until the battle of the Citadel. He was on a Kodiak drop ship moving towards an evac site. Upon reaching the site and helping the civilians in the shuttle he was shot in the eye with a geth pulse rifle. He fell from the ship still alive and was left for dead. A day later he was found and cared for by an Asari medic. Enraged that the Alliance left him for dead and marked him KIA. Reynolds turned to crime often working as a hired gun. In 2184 CE, he used his contacts to acquire a small warhead and got transport to Mars. Intent on taking revenge on the Alliance he planted the bomb on the still in construction SSV Saratoga. He detonated the vessel and proceeded to escape. However he was intercepted and destroyed by a pair of Alliance fighters before he could reach his destination, Omega.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • His quote is a reference to Micheal "Mickey" Crespo of Halo 3: ODST. Though he is in no way based on him.

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