Tina Rhodes cropped
Tina Rhodes
Biographical information

Earth (Dallas, TX, UNAS)

Date of birth

2154 CE

Date of death

2183 CE

Physical description








Hair color

Light Red

Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information

Systems Alliance


Major Tina Rhodes was an Alliance N7 Commando and commanding officer of the support frigate, SSV Xinkou.


Born to a wealthy rancher in Texas in 2154 CE, she grew up happy and hard working but was struck by grief when her mother died in a car crash at age nine. With a heavy heart she continued on, but never really got over her mother's death.

At eighteen she joined the Alliance, where she went to officer candidate school and graduated top of her class. She was assigned to raid batarian slavers in retaliation for Mindoir with the goal to liberate slaves. This included going undercover in the Blue Suns to help find slaves.

After three years, she was promoted to Major and was given control of the support frigate SSV Xinkou, a support frigate with an EMP weapon. She commanded it for a year until the Skyllian Blitz, where she led the Xinkou to destroy slaver dropships.

After the Blitz she led rescue efforts on Akuze to look for anyone who survived the Thresher Maw attacks. After Akuze she aided in privateering against batarians again with the SSV Gazala, disabling ships so that the Gazala could board ships with little resistance.

She served as a corsair for six more years until 2183 CE, when Soveriegn attacked the Citadel. She led the Xinkou to disable numerous geth ships before the Xinkou was destroyed by a crashed turian fighter piloted by Commander Foran Alckus.

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