The Tomb of the Virtuous was the tomb that held the bodies of the dead Manaban Emperors, who had led the Manaba for several centuries, and ruled the Manaba from Ragnora, where the tomb was located. Though many of the identities of the Manaban Emperors were unknown, the Tomb of the Virtuous was an impressive sight indeed. With several bridges, ornate pillars, endless abysses, and ancient sculptures of Manaba holding luminescent crystals, it was well decorated. The state of the tomb as a whole indicated that the Manaba had built the tomb thousands of years before it was destroyed by agents of the Special Tasks Force of the Citadel Council during the Rachni Wars in 83 CE.

The Citadel Councilors, including at the time the Salarian Councilor Roraan Fretly and the Council advisor Tyrin Lieph who temporarily held the position of Councilor while the Asari convened on their homeworld of Thessia after the suicide of the Asari Councilor Telia Millangada, hoped to break the Manaba, and induce them to commit mass suicide in order to rid them from the Citadel Council's ambitious path of expansion, but their plan failed due to the Emperor Derimakshan until Tyrin Lieph had him assassinated later in 83 CE. The Tomb of the Virtuous was destroyed forever due to the explosives, and put an end to the zealotous religion of the Manaba.


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