Sarcastic response: Ow, that hurt.

Trouble in the Wards was a favor that Kornov did for the Shadow Broker. Kornov had to find intel on a gang that had recently arrived on the Citadel. He traveled down to the Warehouse district and found a group of heavily armed mercenaries. There he killed the man at the door and then walked into the warehouse. When he walked in, he was stopped by two men. They asked him who sent him and he told him Xarton, an elcor who he had killed years earlier. After the two mercenaries checked their sources, they found that he was lying.

Kornov was then attacked by a warehouse full of people, his tough skin protecting him from most of the bullets. He was able to kill most of mercenaries with his Avalanche heavy gun, but he killed the others with his modified pistol. After falling through a window, Kornov found the gangs leader. The leader said that he wouldn't tell Kornov anything, Kornov then killed him and downloaded all of the gangs files. The turian agent then payed him the 1000 credits for completing the mission.


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