“Some people call my line of work murder. I call it good business.”

Tyler McDougal
Biographical information
Date of death

12.16.2185 CE

Physical description






Chronological and political information

Sergeant Tyler McDougal was an Alliance soldier, Blue Suns operator, and bodyguard to Jamra Hamrson. He was killed in a suicide bombing while protecting Hamsron during his speech on the Presidium.


His first military service was in the Alliance during the First Contact War, where he fought the turians on Shanxi. In the Siege of Weaping Meadow, he and his unit, the 475th Iron Guards, held Weeping Meadow University for over thirty days, losing over three hundred soldiers and killing over six hundred turians. Withstanding orbital bombardment, lack of food, sleep, and water, he served as a sniper, killing thirty six turians with the aid of his spotter, and was one of the few survivors. For his actions, he was accepted into the Alliance Rangers, where he served until the Battle of the Citadel in 2183 CE, where he was assigned to Jake Branden's platoon and aided the defense of the C-Sec Academy. He went crazy seeing all the death and destruction during the defense, and was discharged due to mental reasons. He decided not to receive care from the Alliance and went to Omega.

On Omega, he quickly became addicted to the drug rohine and two months later joined the Blue Suns after they offered to pay off his debts to local rohine dealers. He served with the Blue Suns for two years, working as a guard on the prison ship Purgatory. He left the Suns in 2185 CE, when he was hired by the political official, Jamra Hamrson, as a bodyguard. McDougal worked for Hamrson for six months, constantly donning Blue Suns or Alliance battle armor and wielding an Osprey Ten-Seven.

He was killed on December 16th, 2185 CE, by a hanar suicide bomber trying to kill Hamrson. McDougal opened fire on the hanar and helped Hamrson escape, saving his employer's life. However by saving his employer, McDougal doomed himself, and he was killed alongside thirty-one civilians in the blast.

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