Here I stand under the dark gray clouds that fill the unnerving sky, thinking about the day when the strands of peace and justice will unwravel and die.

Vevictus Syrico or Traytin to some, was a grim and traitorous and rouge Turian that was originally part of the Turian Liberation Front but later left the orginization and joined the Spectres. After several years and earning the rank of Commander he gained prominence. But he came to conflict with several members of the group, which eventually lead to the murder of several members and his betrayal and exile/leave of the order. After this, he would rejoin the TLF, conducting assassination missions for the latter. Prior to the him going rogue, Vevictus would meet his brother, Demolyn Syrico. But sadly, they would be at odds with each other, him being tasked with the execution of his brother. Vevictus would escape from his brother and would remain on the run until the war. During the <pending>, Vevictus would resurface as an agent of the <pending>. Later on, he would come to face to face with his brother with disastrous results.


Early HistoryEdit

I remember the day my brother was born. It was a joyful occasion but Mother died. I soon found myself being taken away, living with my father's relatives. I didn't want to be there. But I realized that there was no escape.
—Vivid memory of his early years

Birth of a ProtectorEdit

Spirited AwayEdit

A Hard LifeEdit

Reformation of IdealsEdit

Joining the SpectresEdit

Trickery RevealedEdit

Magnus Orminous: "Vevictus. Do you follow any rules?
Vevictus Syrico: "Yes. I have two rules I follow.
Magnus Orminous: "And what is that?"
Vevictus Syrico: "The first is, never kill someone without a reason."
Magnus Orminous:"And the second?"
Vevictus Syrico:"You can always find a reason to kill someone."
—Vevictus Syrico being asked about rules

On the RunEdit

Changing SidesEdit

An Unjoyful ReunionEdit

Vevictus Syrico: "Oh. It's you. Why are you here?
Demolyn Syrico: "Don't act clueless Vevictus. You know the reason why I'm here"
Vevictus Syrico: "So. It has come to this. My dear brother being tasked with my execution. On what terms?"
Demolyn Syrico: "For the murder of several Spectres and the assassinations of several prominent figures. I have been tasked with your execution. You were such a promising member brother."
Vevictus Syrico: "Hmmm. You know I can't comply to your request. I have to deny that." *Turns around and walks away*
Demolyn Syrico: "I can't allow you to do that. Your execution is their will and I have to follow. You have to die traitor! " *Points gun at Vevictus*
Vevictus Syrico: "Think again Demolyn." *Smiles at Demolyn as he quickly sidesteps and disarms his brother*
—Vevictus Syrico being confronted by his brother

Clash of IdealsEdit




No one ever deserves mercy or rightful treatment. I want chaos to reign supreme throughout the Galaxy. I have no love for any of you.
My old self died on Solenis. From the ashes came forth a different person. And his name was Vevictus. Or Traytin.
—Vevictus commenting on his split personality

During the early youth of his life, Vevictus spent many hours with his father and mother, thus gaining a strong family bond with them. And even greater bond was developed with his father, having spent many days with his father while isolated. But after the death of his parents and the birth of his brother, a change in personality came in order.



Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This article is based on Saren's personality.
  • His conversation was derived from one of Saren's conversations.
  • The user plans to have Vevictus act like Saren to a certain extent.

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