Vivacta was a uranium-rich desert world formed by colliding comets sometime between five and four billion BCE. The planet was colonized in 2175 CE by the Alliance, which sought to control the planet's uranium reserves .

The colony began mining all over the vast deserts of the planet which covered the entire world save for the towering four mile high mountains located in its northern hemisphere, which were colonized and later became the Tamchickia Province.

Creating millions of new jobs, colonists flocked to the planet, which was firmly protected by Alliance vessels, safeguarding their claims.

By the spring of 2176 CE, Vivacta had a population of two billion and was guarded with a garrison of thirty nine thousand. Multiple cities had sprung up and several dozen Alliance military bases. This continued prosperity continued until 2182 CE, when a group of Alliance soldiers, trained militia, and civilians took over the provinces of Forad, Co-Der, Xoxamia, and Groufia. Around eighty percent of the colonized portion of the planet (and forty percent of the entire planet) fell under the seperatists' control.

This new nation led by "president" Major Logan Debec, became a seperatist state, wishing to be free of Alliance control and independent, threatening to destroy the all important uranium reserves and utilize the nuclear warheads left by the Alliance after the takeover to decimate the planet if action was taken against Debec's regime.

This was one of the main reasons that historians would later attribute to the Vivactan Campaigns, a conflict which would rage for four years and devastate the planet

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