Vornel Demarian
Biographical information


Date of death

2184 CE

Physical description

Squad Leader







Chronological and political information

Shadow Broker; formerly Blue Suns, Turian Hierarchy


Squad Leader Vornel Demarian was a soldier, Blue Suns mercenary, and Shadow Broker agent who was responsible for the death of multiple high-value targets. He led the team responsible for the Green Day Massacre.


Born on the Citadel, Demarian lived an average life until he turned 15 and was drafted into the Turian Military during the First Contact War. After the war, Demarian used his skills to become a Blue Sun, where he could earn more. He worked for the Blue Suns until 2180 CE, when the Shadow Broker hired him as an assassin and offered him greater pay. Demarian accepted and consquently angered the Blue Suns.

He worked for four years as an assassin, killing high value targets like diplomats and admirals for the Shadow Broker for reasons unknown to him. He was feared on the Citadel and even painted a skull on his face to inspire such fear.

He was assigned by the Shadow Broker as the commanding officer at the Green Day Massacre, where he killed three members of the late Farouk Amanesu's organization. After the massacre, he retired on the Citadel in a Presidium apartment for two months before he was killed by a bomb planted in his comm piece by the Blue Suns.

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