Wayne Fellows
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Wayne Fellows was a human soldier in the Alliance military. He was enrolled into the Persian project after several threats of being dishonorably discharged, and wound up becoming the only soldier in the project who was able to survive without wearing a special environmental suit, though he did wear one on missions in order to be indistinguishable from his fellows.


Early lifeEdit

Not much is known about Wayne Fellows' early life. It is known that he was born on a small human colony.

Persian projectEdit

Wayne was assigned to the Persian project due to what his superiors called cruel behavior. The experiments gave him more muscle mass along with higher agility. Most of those who were enrolled in the project ended up with severely weakened immune systems, requiring them to wear environmental suits at all times, but Fellows somehow managed to avoid that side-effect. He was often teamed with Joel Titan when the Alliance requested a two man mission.

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