Out of my damn way, you krogan son of a c-. What's the krogan word for cunt?
—Zivor Ferdock before assaulting Jorget Gradorm
Zivor Ferdock
Zivor Ferdock
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2172 CE

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Zivor Ferdock was a Rohine-addicted former Alliance soldier, custodian at a Climonion Weapon Industries warehouse on Omega, and an operative for the Office of Alliance Territorial Hegemony.

Ferdock was in the Alliance for two years he was assigned to the cruiser SSV Berlin as a technician working on the ship's engines. He was discharged, however, when drug tests showed that he was taking the addictive and illegal drug Rohine.

After being discharged, he relocated to Omega, where he got work as a custodian in a Climonian Weapon Industries warehouse. He was contacted in 2149 CE by the Office of Alliance Territorial Hegemony and was hired by them to gather intel on his employer's clients and shipments. The Terminus Systems had an arms dealing sanction imposed on them by the Council in 356 BCE. The sanctions were simple - any weapon company that did business with the Terminus Systems was excluded from the Citadel economy. Normally any company would pick the Citadel. However, Climonian Weapons Industries chose the Terminus Systems and became a major weapon supplier. Their shipments and manufacturing level were undetectable.

Ferdock managed to provide the OATH with important information concerning Climonian Industries that led to many busts and raids of Climonian weapon plants and shipments. Ferdock was paid well for the transactions and spent most of the money on Rohine.

In 2172 CE Ferdock played a role in the assassination of Krimus Garfron, providing the two OATH snipers Jonah Richardson and Daniel Chung a position from which to kill the batarian pirate lord Krimus Garfron as well as food and other supplies.

After the death of Krimus Garfron, Ferdock continued the same procedure of hacking the terminals in the warehouse he was employed in and selling the information to OATH for six years. On May 23rd, 2178 CE, Ferdock was high on newly purchased Rohine. He insulted and punched The Drunken Gun's krogan bouncer, Gradorm Jorget. He was then shot by Gradorm three times in the stomach with a sawed-off shotgun ending Ferdock's life.

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